Disruption by design

Agile strategy for a constantly evolving world

Every day, countless disruptive forces are changing the way we conduct business. Political volatility, mounting regulatory requirements, currency fluctuations, technological innovations, evolving customer expectations—they’re all altering our reality in unpredictable ways, at unprecedented rates. To adapt and thrive in this volatile environment, organizations must rethink how they set business strategy, and devise a more nimble approach.

This means forgoing the traditional three- or five-year strategic plan—plans that are typically outdated before they’re even implemented—in favour of more strategic flexibility. While many organizations are opting to do this by investing more in analytics, digital and innovation, to truly succeed in this constantly evolving world, you need to take it one step further.

The key to extracting the true potential from this trifecta is to break down their respective silos and strive toward full integration. That’s precisely what disruption by design is about—adopting a unified approach to analytics, digital and innovation that allows an organization to proactively disrupt its business from within, so as to avoid falling prey to external disruptive forces.

This means, rather than setting up separate digital labs, innovation centres and analytics programs that operate peripherally, these functions are converged and merged. Essentially, you use digital channels to capture real-time information, draw insights from that data using analytics and use the resulting input to devise new, innovative strategic approaches. With disruption by design, there is no need to hinge strategic development on past observations or guesses about the future. Instead, you can collect and act on accurate information in real time.

When executed correctly, disruption by design let you adjust your business strategy as you go, rather than react defensively to unanticipated market shifts. And in today’s increasingly unpredictable world, that’s an invaluable advantage to have.

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