Predictive Project Analytics

Planning for success

Leveraging predictive project analytics to close the gaps

Research shows more than 60% of companies have experienced project failure. Predictive project analytics (PPA) helps you avert challenges by leveraging our unique algorithm to determine the likelihood of project success. No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, predictive analytics can improve capital efficiency, contain project costs and provide insights into your organization’s level of manageable project complexity and risk given your current capabilities.

Did you know?
•    60% of companies experience project failure
•    44% fail to meet time, budget or quality goals; 15% fail to meet all of these objectives — or stop projects altogether
•    71% of projects are late, over budget or fail to deliver to their specifications
•    21% of projects are cancelled or never deployed
•    An average cost overrun of 46% for all system development projects

How we can help
Our approach strengthens the connection between project risks and key success factors to deliver a holistic and deep view of the project.

  • Inherent risk and complexity assessment
  • Interviews and structured document
  • Predictive analytic project review
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Reporting

Benchmarking the results
Our database contains more than 2,000 successful projects ranging in size and complexity to compare your project against.

Predictive Project Analytics in Action
Learn how predictive project analytics helped a large investment corporation complete a project nine months ahead of schedule and 15% under budget.

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