Age of disruption

Are Canadian firms prepared?

Age of

Are Canadian firms prepared?

A massive impact is unavoidable

The way Canadians live and work is about to change profoundly. Rapid advances in technology are poised to disrupt many of the sectors that anchor Canada’s economy, and our businesses aren’t prepared for it.

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Five disruptive

Advanced technologies are driving disruptive innovation that will bring significant, permanent change to Canada’s business landscape. We have tracked five specific technologies that have tremendous potential to wreak havoc on businesses across the country.

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Rise of
the robots

Robots are doing things no one thought possible.

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will never be
the same

3D printers are redefining how we make everything.

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is thinking deeper

Chess matches and game shows were just the beginning.

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Disconnect at
your own risk

Now everyone has access to crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and cloud computing.

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Everything is

The Internet of Things has become a reality.

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The Damage Could Be Catastrophic

For the past year we have studied the Canadian economy in depth and surveyed over 700 business leaders across the country. We then evaluated companies by their overall technological awareness, innovative culture, organizational agility to change and effective resources to facilitate change.

We worried that Canadian businesses weren’t prepared for the disruption challenges to come. Unfortunately, we were right.

  • 13% Highly Prepared Only 13% of firms are highly prepared, excelling in all four key areas of preparedness
  • Are Preparing
  • 23% Single-minded 23% of firms are single-minded, taking action in one area but not prepared overall
  • Taking Action
  • 29% Tentative 29% of firms are tentative–organizations that aren’t wholly unprepared but are struggling in their efforts
  • Will Be Disrupted
  • 35% Unprepared 35% of firms are wholly unprepared and struggling across all four areas of preparedness

All Is Not Lost

Based on our research, we believe Canadian companies can take concrete steps to dramatically improve their capacity to anticipate, respond to and capitalize on the disruptive forces heading our way. Let’s look at what Canada’s best-prepared and most productive organizations are doing.

  • Cultivate awareness Foster awareness of the forces that have the potential to disrupt a business or industry so that you can take action today to prepare for disruption’s impact tomorrow.
  • Build the right culture for preparedness Develop a resilient, innovative culture so that you can withstand disruption in the future and benefit from important benefits today.
  • Foster organizational agility Embrace new ways of working and making decisions to avoid becoming mired in the bureaucracy that can bring change to a screeching halt.
  • Develop
    Acquire and deploy the best people, technology and financial resources so you can be more resilient and competitive in the face of disruption.

How open is your organization to implementing these strategies?

Storm Warning!

No matter how flexible your organization is, the storm is on the horizon and you need to act now. Read the full report to learn more before it’s too late.

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Everyone Must Pitch In

While businesses must lead the drive to preparedness, governments and academic institutions must play their part as well.

  • Invest strategically in building true business ecosystems.
  • Rethink the structure of post-secondary institutions.
  • Alter protectionist regulations in Canada’s visa regime.
  • Evolve education at all levels.

There Is Still Time

There’s a storm of disruption heading Canada’s way. It’s going to bring major challenges and incredible opportunities. By taking decisive and immediate action, Canadian businesses can withstand – and even thrive within – the age of disruption.

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