Life Sciences and Health Care sectors

Deloitte's Life Sciences and Health Services team in Canada and globally help Canadian organizations refine their business models through innovative practices and improved processes — ultimately enhancing patient care, accountability, compliance and stakeholder value.

Health services

To help health services organizations succeed into the future, Deloitte leverages the expertise of local and global specialists well-versed in issues specific to the industry. We can help you develop and implement a robust strategy to enhance patient care, accountability and compliance.

Life sciences


Shifting demographics. Shrinking margins. Evolving regulations. Rising R&D costs. There is little doubt that life sciences companies face a range of significant challenges for the years ahead. To adapt effectively, pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology organizations must not only accelerate their development processes, they must also re-examine their underlying operational strategies.

Deloitte’s professionals have experience working with life sciences companies across the country to enhance revenues, manage costs and improve asset turnover. Our industry specialists can help you refine your business models through innovative partnerships, improved processes and more effective compliance — ultimately strengthening both patient care and stakeholder value.