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The pandemic has forever changed the way Canadian businesses make deals. While the nuts and bolts remain the same—developing strong relationships and focusing on fundamentals—strategies for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) should reflect the new priorities and opportunities of a post-crisis world. These strategies need to focus on growth, succession planning, or portfolio optimization.

While companies may utilize it differently, M&A activity will continue to be a key feature of economic recovery. Going forward, successful deal making will combine sustainability with commercial success, resiliency, and trust among stakeholders. Boards and management teams that think boldly and holistically about M&A will see the benefits.

There’s much more to M&A than just buying or selling a business, especially in today’s uncertain environment. Companies must consider the future of their industry to be successful. They must recognize what is required to be prosperous in the future by identifying risks, building relationships with non-traditional partners, and thinking strategically about growth.

At Deloitte, we offer seamless services across the entire M&A life cycle, from M&A strategy, deal origination, execution and closing, through to integration or separation. Through our deal knowledge, industry insights, and scale, Deloitte’s end-to-end M&A team supports clients throughout the entirety of their journey.

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Virtual dealmaking in a post-pandemic world

August, 2021 | 5 MINUTE READ

What have successful deal-makers done differently during the pandemic that’s here to stay?

"Over the last few quarters, we’ve seen deal volumes surge across sectors, including in technology, which never stopped for the pandemic at all,” says Flora Wan, a partner in Deloitte’s Transaction Services practice.

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How to unlock business value before you sell

July, 2021 | 5 MINUTE READ

Too many sellers leave money on the table. Here’s how to avoid that.

With the world inching ever closer to a post-pandemic phase, many business owners and operators are thinking about selling, especially given how robust the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) markets have been over the last several months. In the first quarter of 2021, Canada recorded 1,168 M&A deals totalling US$115 billion; that’s an all-time high, according to data from Bloomberg.

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Reining in costs in a pandemic marketplace


As we prepare to turn a corner in the global health crisis, companies must figure out how to keep appealing to buyers and differentiating themselves from the competition.

The economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced boards of directors and executive leadership teams to make a meticulous assessment of all aspects of their business.

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How boards can help their companies survive

Focusing on the future is more important than ever


Behind every successful executive team is a board that oversees management and provides the guidance and support it needs to carry out its long-term plans. However, the pandemic has put that relationship to the test.

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Charting New Horizons

How M&A will change post-pandemic


Yes, 2020 was a record year, but companies must now think differently.

It’s still too early to tell what a post-pandemic world will look like, but one thing is certain: how companies do business will never be the same.

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Wealth and asset management consolidation

Deloitte’s Future of Advice practice is excited to share our latest perspective, Wealth and asset management consolidation.
This article highlights six trends fuelling Canadian wealth and asset management M&A activity, along with five key areas to consider when assessing an M&A transaction.

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Make-or-break moments in the consumer sector:

Insights into M&A and post-pandemic recovery
Considering the continued economic uncertainty, some players in the consumer space may view M&A decisions with caution, preferring to improve their profitability organically. As they consider their path toward recovery, M&A executives have two primary strategies: defensive and offensive.

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M&A and COVID-19: Charting new horizons

Thrive : Recovery could rewrite the rules of M&A
As companies embark on the path to recovery, M&A is poised to have an outsized influence in shaping the “next normal.” But in the aftermath of COVID-19, it is inevitable that deal making will materially change to reflect the new priorities of a post-crisis world.

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Post-COVID private equity

A new perspective, Post-COVID private equity: Thriving in a bifurcated world of opportunity, and accompanying podcast series, looks at how PE firms are shifting their focus to preserve the value of companies in their portfolios and how they are working to strengthen relations with their limited partners and lenders and preparing for an avalanche of investing opportunities.

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We’ve been named #1

Mergermarket, an Acuris company recognized Deloitte as the #1 Financial Advisor to Canadian and Global M&A deal activity in 2020.

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relationships through Deloitte’s M&A Institute.

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Catherine Code

National M&A Leader and Vice Chair, Deloitte Canada

Catherine holds 20 years of banking experience advising senior executives at Canada's largest financial institutions and pension plans. She has a proven track record of leveraging her international connectivity to originate and execute cross-border mergers, acquisitions, credit and capital markets transactions for Canadian-based financial institutions and financial sponsors.

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