Extended Enetrprise


Extended enterprise

Maximize revenue, mitigate risks, and strengthen relationships

Our extended enterprise services help organizations evaluate and manage the risks associated with third parties—outsourcers, licensees, alliances, and suppliers. We’ll drive you to maximize the performance of the extended enterprise and achieve strategic business objectives. Start optimizing IT costs and limiting operational, financial, and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software.

How we can help:

Extended enterprise compliance and recovery
  • Identify and manage risks resulting from extended business relationships to enhance value, drive cost savings, manage corporate reputation
  • Analyze audit/legal exposure, and manage compliance, for both internally and on the part of the business partners
Third party advisory
  • Maximize value and minimize the risks associated with third-party relationships
  • Development and implementation of third-party risk management (TPRM) frameworks
  • Enabling technology, and operating/performing ongoing TPRM activities as part of a hybrid or fully outsourced managed service
  • Analytics to enhance third-party risk management, including third-party governance and risk management
  • Contract management and compliance, software asset management
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