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Organizational resilience

Resilient organizations don’t just survive—they thrive in an unpredictable world. They take on new challenges with confidence. Have the ability to adapt rapidly to changing markets, new threats, and disrupt competition.

Is your organization resilient?

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What is a resilient organization?

Thrive before, during, and after adversity

Resilience is not a destination; it is a state of being. A resilient organization doesn’t ride out a crisis, returning to business-as-usual once disruption ends. It instead transforms with the environment, building new attitudes, beliefs, agility, and structures into its DNA that don’t just enable recovery. They drive the organization forward—fast.

Go beyond just responding positively to change. A resilient organization seek to absorb and influence change with the confidence to accept challenges and learn from experience.

Our global findings revealed 3 common themes:

Resilient organizations outperform in times of disruption

2020 accelerated resilience for some; exposed gaps for more

Resilience is deliberate. It requires desire, effort, investment, and action to cultivate and maintain

Is your organization resilient?

In this video, Anthony Viel, Deloitte Canada CEO and Partner, and Roxana Greszta, Partner and National Organizational Resilience Leader, discuss the traits of the most resilient organizations and the key actions that leaders today should consider when building resilience for their organizations.

Our approach

A more resilient organization will achieve resilience by design, safeguard it through change, and demonstrate it in adversity. It has the right mind-set, strong leadership, and a transformative approach to risk. We help organizations focus on what-if and the what-next scenarios to anticipate shifts and identify unexpected risks.

Scenarios to build resilience

Three pillars of a resilient organization

Resilience through change

Creating an environment that enables flexibility to change while still maintaining a high level of resilience through any transformation it undertakes.

Resilience by design

Designing and executing the long-term journey toward organizational resilience.

Resilience in adversity

Having the right governance, controls, contingency plans, and roles and responsibilities to meet adversity and disruption as it arises.

Financial resilience

Be better prepared to withstand events that impact your liquidity, income, and assets.

Operational resilience

Ensure your people, data, technology, facilities, supply, and demand can absorb unexpected events.

Reputational resilience

Be more responsive to external perceptions of your organizations, creating a foundation of trust and dependability.


Don’t wait for the next crisis

Resilient organizations outperform in times of disruption. Take a proactive approach to building resilience. We can show you how.

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