Climate-led transformation


Climate-led transformation

Operational and digital transformation to thrive in a low-emissions economy

Climate-led transformation involves setting a business strategy on climate, leveraging new technologies, and evolving customer, employee, and business practices as part of a holistic approach to acting on climate change. Here’s how you can start transforming now:

Business strategy

  • Act on climate change through holistic changes in energy use, resource consumption, and employee behaviour
  • Evolve your business in the context of multiple scenarios that could occur as a result of changes to climate policies, potential climate risks, and shifting customer preferences
  • Connect and cooperate with other companies and government to establish joint ventures and propositions aligned with climate targets

Customers, products, and services

  • Create innovative propositions for a market that has greater demand for environmentally positive and climate-adaptive products and services
  • Implement sustainable practices into design and commercialization
  • Understand customer desires for climate-friendly products and services and use this knowledge to drive marketing activities for acquisition, cross-sell, and retention

Business operations

  • Reduce environmental waste, carbon emissions, and inefficiencies as part of core operations and throughout your supply chain, in concert with improving productivity and reducing costs

Digital decarbonization

  • Implement digital decarbonization by moving to lower-emission digital technologies
  • Take advantage of fourth industrial revolution technologies to attain environmentally positive effects
  • Use technologies such as digital twins to build digital versions of your physical environment and simulate potential actions for climate adaptation and ways to reduce emissions

Workplace and workforce

  • Create strategies to help your workforce live and work more sustainably within and outside the organization
  • Attract and motivate talent for whom climate is an increasing priority through a progressive climate strategy
  • Develop new jobs and ways of working that are aligned to climate goals
  • Design your workplace to be more sustainable and foster sustainable workforce behaviours