Sustainability and climate change

Sustainability and climate change are central to the success of every organization. We can help you make informed choices to manage the challenges and opportunities presented by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. From strategy and leadership to culture, advice, measurement, and reporting—we provide full-service solutions.

Our services

  • Sustainability and ESG
    We can help with identifying stakeholder expectations, developing your sustainability strategy, and communicating and assuring your non-financial performance.
  • Climate risk and decarbonization
    We can provide science-based, technical solutions to help respond to the physical and transitional risks of climate change and accelerate the decarbonization of your operations.
  • Health, safety, and well-being
    We can help you understand the health, safety, and well-being risks in your organization and build approaches to improve productivity with a focus on workforce behaviours, safe systems of work, and enabling technology.
  • Trust, social license, and human rights
    We can help manage risks associated with human rights and build trust into your organization and the community in which you operate to maintain your social licence to operate.
  • Leadership, culture, and ethics
    We can help strengthen your leadership and your organization’s culture to support effective decision-making, promote accountability, and drive change.
  • Water resilience
    We can help address societal and regulatory expectations on water-related challenges in a changing climate.
  • Circular economy
    We can help you improve operational efficiency and enable sustainable innovation by integrating circular thinking in your organization.