Scaling solutions: Accelerating the commercialization of made-in-Canada clean technology


Scaling solutions: Accelerating the commercialization of made-in-Canada clean technology

Canada is well positioned in a net-zero world if we are able to scale our clean technology leaders into an industrial base of companies that can be globally competitive and dominant players.

Clean technology is an enabler for Canada’s global competitiveness, economic growth, decarbonization efforts, reconciliation strategies, and new employment opportunities in a net-zero economy. Few sectors can advance environmental, social, and economic imperatives at the same time. None of these transformative benefits will be realized if clean technology solutions aren’t commercialized.

But are clean technology firms ready for commercialization on an industrial scale?

To answer that, we developed a commercial readiness framework that extends the concept of readiness beyond technical performance and cost to include market viability, supportive policy frameworks, and the capacity of the clean technology company itself. Our framework helps identify the missing or immature elements of a coherent commercialization ecosystem, can help inform investment decisions, and highlights bottlenecks and priority actions on the path to net-zero.

New models of collaboration, stakeholder mobilization, and industrial networks are needed to facilitate the connections and highly interdependent commercial ecosystems that accelerate the transformation of our economy. Many technologies are viable only if others are implemented across an entire facility, firm, region, or value chain.

Canada’s ambition must be greater than scaling a technology or scaling a company — download the report to discover more.

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