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Contract, Risk and Compliance Services

In today’s business world, organisations rarely go at it alone. Corporate growth and business success are increasingly supported through outsourcing and licensing; products and services are now, more than ever, created and marketed through strategic alliances and joint development arrangements. Therefore, trust is an essential element of any successful business relationship.

Verification builds trust. Ensuring that business partners deliver on their obligations can maximise revenue, protect brand, improve operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Our Contract Risk and Compliance (CRC) services assist organisations in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks associated to external business relationships. Our services focus on improving confidence in an organisation’s contractual relationships and include assisting with the validation and verification of information exchanged between organisations and their customers, vendors and third-party service providers. Deloitte’s CRC services also help organisations improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their contract compliance monitoring processes and controls, resulting in improved business performance. Our Contract Risk and Compliance team has experience with a vast number of third party reviews in many countries across a range of external business partners and industry sectors. 

Business Partner Assurance

Your organisation works with vendors and partners in various product or service categories. These external business relationships may include outsourcing, supply arrangements, joint ventures, distribution, licensing and royalty agreements, and marketing among others. These relationships are often governed by complex and sometimes ambiguous contractual clauses which can result in vendors not complying with their obligations.

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Software Asset Management Services

Software is prevalent in almost all business processes but the licensing and management of these vital assets is rarely completely understood and often poorly managed. The organisation may not know its weaknesses in this space until it is hit with a software vendor audit.

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Contract Advisory

Understanding contractual obligations in existing contracts from a risk and regulatory standpoint is a challenging and complex process. Value negotiated in contracts may not be achieved causing issues to management obligations.

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Supply Chain and Third-Party Risk Advisory

Third-party suppliers are often so important to the organisation they become strategic partners. However, supplier relationships also bring inherent or residual risks such as poor standards at supplier facilities that can lead to product recalls and brand damage.

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