Step out into the world and start growing your career

Welcome to a place where you can develop, learn and grow. An internship at Deloitte gives you real-life experience, allowing you to learn from experienced leaders and colleagues and work in an open and inclusive environment. So get ready to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and dive into a world of opportunities.

At Deloitte, we want to give you every chance to make a real impact during your time with us. That's why we offer students and graduates the opportunity to dive into different practice areas during their internship, incorporate their existing skills and knowledge and grow with their experience.

Helping you kick-start your career

During your time as an intern at Deloitte, you will immerse yourself for three to six months in one of the following fields:

No matter what field of work you choose, you will be welcomed by a dynamic and motivated team. We will provide you with a buddy and a coach who will be there for you throughout your whole internship, providing guidance and support. Depending on your interests, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects for Swiss clients and get international work experience working for Deloitte clients abroad.

“Getting to work on client projects from day one.”

Rosanna Wepfer, Consultant, Financial Advisory Analytics

Growing beyond your skills

During your internship at Deloitte, you will learn something new every day. You will develop new skills, work with exciting tools and take responsibility from day one. You will be working alongside people with different backgrounds and levels of experience, which is why we are looking for open, communicative team players to join our roster of Deloitte interns.

We appreciate inquisitive, curious minds. We value interns who think analytically and take a structured approach to their work. In return, we offer the opportunity to gain real-life work experience, mentorship from your team and a chance to be part of an inclusive, open work environment where you can thrive and make an impact.

Find where your passions lie

At Deloitte, we embrace your true self, ideas, and strengths and want to empower you to quickly grow, develop, find where your passions lie, and contribute to our common goals. If you’ve completed at least four semesters at university, graduated or are about to graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or if you considering transitioning from a different career, you are welcome to join any of our internships. Explore our internship positions today.

Learn more from our current and former interns:

It’s now been almost 16 years since I started my journey with Deloitte and I still remember my internship fondly: I had the possibility to work in different business units for a few months and had a coach who was responsible for me for the whole internship. I found my love for marketing during this internship and have been working in marketing for Deloitte ever since. I love that I can always bring forth my ideas and get the opportunity work with different teams from diverse backgrounds. Also, I got to work in London for 2 months on a project which was very cool. Every day at Deloitte is different and gives me new challenges to tackle and to learn new things every day.

Vinoth Nagarajah

Assistant Manager, Corporate Branding

During my internship, I was involved in client projects from the first week. Seeing from the very beginning how my work contributed to the tools the client was using was incredibly satisfying and motivating. I felt like a regular team member from the first day. Collaborating not only with different people from Deloitte but also different clients from different industries and countries always offers new challenges and definitively won’t let me get bored. Another, probably even the most important component, is my coworkers. I am absolutely in love with the international environment, everybody’s openness, and the different backgrounds there are at Deloitte.

Rosanna Wepfer

Consultant, Financial Advisory Analytics