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Making your mark in data analytics

Whether in Financial Advisory, Financial Crime or Forensic eDiscovery, Deloitte’s analytics experts make the world a vibrant, better and safer place every day. How is that for creating an impact? If you are tech-minded, analytical, curious and precise, read on to learn more about how you can contribute to our analytics vision.

We believe data is at the heart of sound decision making, value creation, truth-finding, or compliance evidencing. As an analytics expert, you bring transparency into data, make problems visible and help to solve complex issues. With your specific skill set, you can help us develop the next generation executive intelligence, help define and implement global strategies and detect or prevent misconduct and financial crime. Your work will have a real purpose and creates an impact every day. After all, our analytics teams are here to make the world a better place.

It’s all about unlocking the power of data

Analytic technology is continuously diversifying and expanding, as are the accompanying skills and talents of our expert people who deploy them every day. As one of our analytics advisors, you will systematically scope, acquire, validate, transform and analyse multi-source structured and unstructured electronic data, calling on various techniques. Joining one of our teams, you are involved in all the steps of a data analytics project, from understanding our clients’ needs to designing efficient solutions and effectively communicating the outcomes. With your contribution, you will help decision-makers to understand critical information more precisely and act upon it accordingly.

Combine your industry knowledge with tech skills

We value technically minded, curious, inventive, and creative people. If you have a keen eye for detail but can also stand out as a holistic thinker, you will fit right in and thrive in our team-oriented environment. Joining one of our analytics teams, you will combine a strong understanding of our clients’ business and advanced technical knowledge and cooperate with many people across our organisation. Creating actionable insights for top leadership teams, uncovering financial schemes, or holding people accountable will give your daily work meaning and purpose. At Deloitte, we invite you to travel, work abroad for projects and learn from our experienced professionals worldwide. We provide you with exciting challenges, varied client projects, as well as with time, financial support and plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and personally grow.

  • Financial Advisory Analytics – better strategic decisions and value creation
    As part of the Financial Advisory Analytics Team, you empower people to bring transparency into data to solve complex business issues. Quite often, strategic decisions with far-reaching repercussions are based on flimsy insights or insufficient information because organisations lack the tools or expertise to aggregate and transform all available data into reliable and actionable insights easily accessible by their decision-makers. That’s when we invite you to join us in helping these organisations evolve in a more intelligence and insight driven way. With your analytical and conceptual skill set, you can create an impact that matters and add real value to many organisations.

  • eDiscovery/Forensic Analytics – collect and analyse digital evidence
    In the eDiscovery/Forensic Analytics Team, we use our technical toolbox to “discover” what information is most important to any given case – spanning from corruption/bribery to fraud or financial disputes. From understanding what’s needed, designing a solution, collecting and analysing data to delivering the outcome to our clients – as one of our eDiscovery experts, you are familiar with every part of the process and apply your analytical skills in many roles. In collecting relevant evidence and finding out the truth, you help keep people accountable for their actions and have a crucial impact on people’s lives.

  • Financial Crime Analytics – detect and prevent financial crime
    When joining our Financial Crime Analytics team, you will be part of Deloitte Forensic, ranked one of Switzerland's largest forensic advisory practices. In this fast-growing team, you assist clients across a broad spectrum of industries, providing valuable advice relating to fraud, anti-corruption, AML , and regulatory investigations. In forensic investigations, you apply advanced analytic capabilities and deep technical experience to quickly and efficiently address issues and find solutions to forensic problems. Your work will genuinely have an impact on detecting and preventing financial crime.

You can benefit from all the different talents, ideas, mind-sets and approaches in any of our analytics teams to quickly develop and grow. Don't have an extensive background in tech? Don't worry. Although technical skills are a definite plus, just be true to yourself, show up motivated and with the right attitude, and we'll help you create a genuine impact in life.

“Living a truly entrepreneurial spirit."

Vladimir Popov, Manager, Financial Advisory Analytics

A place for you to thrive and grow

Working in analytics at Deloitte means becoming part of a highly motivated, passionate team that works with a solid commitment to create decision bases and assessments for our customers. We highly value our people’s uniqueness and embrace a diverse, inclusive work environment with plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development. Our people’s benefits include flexible working hours, the ability to work remotely, health programmes, competitive salaries and much more. Check out our vacancies here and send us your CV.

Learn more from our Analytics Experts

At Deloitte, I can progress rapidly on a professional level, being exposed to a lot of different topics and challenges. But being part of a young, open-minded, and innovative environment also gives me an amazing opportunity to grow as a person. And even though we are one of the biggest consulting companies in Switzerland, you can feel a true entrepreneurial spirit, allowing us to be ahead when pioneering upcoming trends.

Vladimir Popov

Manager, Financial Advisory Analytics