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Deloitte Switzerland again achieves record revenue and is aiming for growth of 10% for the current year

Zurich/Geneva, 23 September 2021

Over the past financial year, Deloitte Switzerland has increased its net revenue to a new all-time high of CHF 506.3 million. In the wake of the pandemic, many clients have a greater need for advice, and new projects are being tackled once again. That is why, after a strong first quarter, Deloitte Switzerland is aiming for growth of 10% for the new financial year. A key element of its growth strategy is targeted investment by the company in technology and in creating the best possible working environment for its employees. Deloitte Switzerland has invested CHF 6.7 million in staff training, around 25% more than in the previous year. Deloitte Switzerland onboarded almost 600 new members of staff in the year under review. This brings the number of employees to 2,199 from over 62 countries, and the company has also secured an excellent position in the labour market.

Auditing and consulting firm Deloitte Switzerland has maintained its 15-year growth trajectory, despite the challenging environment of the pandemic year. At 31 May 2021, Deloitte Switzerland had achieved net revenue of CHF 506.3 million (+ 0.2%), with all business areas and industries having made a significant contribution to the positive result. This growth has been driven by complex, interdisciplinary services with high added value that provide clients with sustainable and future-proof solutions.

Agility and a strong client base

“We weathered the pandemic well thanks to our robust digital infrastructure, solid client relationships and strong corporate culture, something for which I am very grateful,” states Deloitte Switzerland CEO Reto Savoia. “Our dynamic consulting business accounts for almost 80% of net revenue and we are well experienced in anticipating economic and social trends. Our interdisciplinary approach to consulting, with consistently project-based deployment of highly skilled staff and digital collaboration tools, has proven its worth and, together with our international network, forms the basis for our ambitious growth plans.”

There is particularly strong demand for auditing and advisory services aimed at supporting technology-driven business transformation, defending against cyber risks, addressing the needs of the working world of tomorrow (Future of Work), all aspects of cloud technologies, to support transactions and acquisitions, to ensure sustainability and to address global changes in taxation and regulations in other areas. Deloitte Switzerland’s client base now includes 19 of the 20 companies in the Swiss Market Index. Joining them are an increasing number of leading SMEs from across Switzerland, as well as administrative bodies and public-sector organisations at federal and cantonal level.

Systematic approach to fostering staff

Deloitte Switzerland offers its employees great development and career opportunities in an international, diverse environment, as well as the privilege of working in many of the most exciting areas of the Swiss economy and society. The recruitment and retention of talented employees are crucial to the company’s success. “When I joined Deloitte Switzerland in 2005, we had just under 370 employees. Since then, we have established ourselves as a large and attractive employer in the Swiss market. I believe it is particularly important, now more than ever, to understand the needs of our young employees and to give them a role in the further development of the company. That is why we have selected 15 junior staff to join the Next Generation Board, helping us to question, review and shape our processes and strategies,” explains Reto Savoia. Deloitte Switzerland currently employs 2,199 people from different generations, backgrounds, careers and ambitions, and promotes an inclusive working environment based on respect and appreciation of diversity in all its forms.

“Making an impact that matters for clients, people and society” is Deloitte’s guiding principle. “We aim to meet this goal in our day-to-day business. We take the appropriate steps and also encourage our employees to be socially engaged,” says Reto Savoia. Deloitte also takes climate action seriously: “We have set ourselves ambitious targets and aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. That is why we have agreed specific sustainability-based performance targets at partner level and provide trainings on the issue of climate change to all our employees,” explains Reto Savoia. In the year under review, Deloitte Switzerland had already achieved carbon neutrality thanks to offset programmes.

Our Impact Report website has further information and figures for the last financial year, including a breakdown of net revenue by business area and industry.

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