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Do you prepare static reports in a form of Power Point presentations or PDF on a regular basis – once a month, once a week, or even once a day? Even if your data inputs are prepared or adjusted manually, you can save a lot of time by connecting these inputs into any BI tool and automating all data flows – starting from data ingestion, data loads through interactive and automatically refreshed dashboards with an export feature to Power Point, MS Excel, or other file types.

Automate your manual work right now – decide for Automated Reporting!

Automated reporting is about bringing users data-driven insights in a timely way, without the users having to seek out the information for themselves. Increasing number of business requirements is unstoppable and the current set up of your reporting could be untenable if you would not think about some data flows automation. Moreover, a data literacy of your people is crucial so they can create these data-driven insights without any IT support.

Regarding a data literacy, we can support your company by BI trainings – at Deloitte, we have experienced lecturers who will guide you through the selected issues

You can also visit our Deloitte Academy with all courses listed in one place.


In terms of Automated reporting deliverables, we talk about 2 areas:

  1. Dashboards and visualizations
    • Monitoring tools with real-time data tracking
    • Data-driven insights in a form of various dashboards to support Data Monetization
    • Visualizations of various data in the maps to get location insights
  2. Regular reporting
    • On-premises or in Cloud (or mixed) according to the clients’ requirements and data infrastructure. 
    • Data/driven insights and faster decision-making process thanks to nearly real-time data available in the reports.

But it will be better to show you some dashboards in practice → we use a BI tool-agnostic approach, so all solutions are deliverable in a BI tool of your choice or needs (read more about our BI tool-agnostic approach here).

Look at some of our solutions:

1. Store manager dashboard (Telecommunications)

Our client was dealing with a high employee fluctuation and retention of skillful workforce at their call centers and branch network.

Using predictive analytics, we helped them to gain information about their employees in higher risk of leaving and also insights about the factors typically associated with employees’ decision to leave. In the second phase, we created a set of interactive dashboards to get these insights into client’s day-to-day business to help reduce employee churn.

This project helped the client start his HR analytic journey and systematically utilize his own HR data for making more effective, data-based people management decisions.

One pager Automated Reporting

2. Plant Monitor Dashboard

A real-time dashboard we developed for a major car manufacturer helping their CFO and Plant manager monitor and optimize performance, costs and safety. We developed a special interactive view for each of the end-users (CFO, Plant manager) based on their business objectives to bring them relevant data in context and frequency (for Plant manager in real time).

3. Touchpoints’ optimization – powered by Location Intelligence 

Read more about this Case Study here. >

4. HR Report as a part of Data-driven Finance transformation

Read more about this Case Study here >

5. FinBench – a monitoring tool to measure a company’s financial health together with benchmarking with other companies within defined peer groups

 Read more about this monitoring tool here (only in Czech) >

6. Energy monitoring

What this solution will bring to you:

  • Save your time because we will eliminate manual routine steps in the data process, so you (or your people) can spend this time on other activities;
  • Reduce human errors because manual inputs are prone to them with the higher probability;
  • Increase of effectiveness and agility thanks to faster response on changing business requirements;
  • Data availability according to your needs – data loads could be scheduled (depends on your data connections) automatically as well so you can achieve even real-time decision-making;
  • We will recommend you the “best fit” BI tool for your company / or if you already have any tool in use, we can assess the current set up and recommend any optimization (read more about BI Tool Evaluation);
  • Data Monetization opportunity – by data-driven insights available in your automated reports or dashboards, you can think about your data as an asset and how it can help increase the value of your company.

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Dominika Havelková

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