Deloitte at DLD conference


Deloitte @ DLD Conference

It's only the beginning...

The DLD Conference is a global network on innovation and digitalization connecting opinion-makers and influencers for cross-over, visionary conversations and inspiration.

Deloitte is official sponsor of the conference. This year, Andy Goldstein of Deloitte Digital shared his expertise in a panel discussion. Following up, the Deloitte Digital team let us in on their insights into the conference.

"Work Looks Nothing Like Work Anymore"

Experts in innovation, digitalization, science and culture met in Munich this January at the DLD Conference to share perspectives on today’s digital world. Among the questions discussed were: What is the impact of exponential technologies on business and large institutions? How can CEO’s and executives learn to think differently? How can large organizations stay innovative? In order to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, Andrew Goldstein (Deloitte Digital), Bas Verhart (THNK Amsterdam), Salim Ismail (Singularity University) and Amol Sarva (Knotable) came together for a panel discussion with the motto “Work Looks Nothing Like Work Anymore”. Following up, we asked participants from Deloitte Digital to share their insights on the conference with us.


DLD panel discussion "Work Looks Nothing Like Work Anymore" - See the video

Insights on the DLD Conference 2015

Start-up: The time is now

The panels and discussion during the DLD Conference have clearly shown: Timing is the key success factor when it comes to building a successful company. No matter how great the idea or the team, who executes it, how thought-through the business model or how big the funding - if the timing is not right, the enterprise will not succeed. 

And the time to start up and build a company is now - the opportunity has never been better. Borderless innovation and the fact that the mobile revolution has reached even the most remote corners of the planet are just two of the success factors to be leveraged today. They constitute an ideal setting for innovative ideas to thrive and grow into successful businesses with global outreach and impact. 

Digital transformation of traditional businesses

Digital technology has become a part of nearly all aspects of our life. Traditional businesses have to keep pace with this trend and embrace it. In order to do so, big corporations need external input to innovate and find answers to the disruptions caused by digital transformation. To be successful, digital transformation has to happen from the top, by building a structure inside or around a traditional corporation, which enables innovation to prosper. The big players have to evolve, to keep up with the defining economical and societal trends and to be bold. The development of such boldness is especially important in the German market, where the cultural tolerance to risk and possible failure is comparatively low.

Industries reshaped

The extensive influence of digital technology on the industrial sector results in the need to innovate and adapt the existing business models. The conference has shown, that while digitalization affects all industries, its influence is besides others especially prominent in the financial technology, food, retail, artificial intelligence and mobility industry.

The financial technology sector is growing rapidly. Successful start-ups have in common, that they are cheaper, faster and more transparent than the banking system. Their joint vision is to make financial services accessible to everyone – no matter where they are. The artificial intelligence industry will bring us a new generation of smart and connected products, while the food industry aims at developing solutions to the problem of producing affordable and high quality food for the growing population of the world. Food computing could be an integral part of such a solution. Furthermore, the conference demonstrated that one of the decisive trends in the retail industry is the shift from pure-online-players to a combination of online and POS-retail. In the mobility sector we will see a surge of innovation. The digital age of mobility is now.

“There is no doubt left that digital is everywhere and that it changes the way in which we think, act, live and the way we run and build businesses. We at Deloitte Digital support companies to find the right answers to the changes caused by digital transformation in order to reimagine their future.”


Andy Goldstein, Managing Director, Deloitte Digital

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