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Technology Fast 50 Award Application

2023 applications are closed.

Are you interested in participating in the Technology Fast 50 competition? All of the information about applications is here. Please contact the Fast 50 team with any questions you may have.

What is the Fast 50 Award?

Detailed information about our competition for the fastest-growing technology companies and start-ups can be found on the Technology Fast 50 Award overview page. As a gateway for entrepreneurs, the award offers winners access to cooperations, capital and customers.

How can you apply?

2023 applications for the Technology Fast 50 Award are closed. Please apply online via Deloitte innovation platform. Please contact our team with any questions about the application or process.


What is the timetable of the competition?

  • September - December 4: 2023 Fast 50 Award application phase
  • November/December: Review of applications
  • March 14: Technology Fast 50 Award winners will be announced (both price categories)


What award categories are there?

The Technology Fast 50 Award includes two competition categories:

Technology Fast 50

The category for the 50 fastest-growing technology companies, measured by revenue growth over the last four years.

Venture Client Award by 27pilots 

New category for impactful corporate Venture Client projects. 

What criteria do applications need to meet?

Technology Fast 50

Deloitte awards the 50 fastest-growing companies in the technology sector. Assessment criteria are the average percentage revenue growth of the last four financial years (2019 to 2022). Companies from the following sectors are invited to apply:

  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical
  • Energy Technology (e.g. clean tech, green tech)
  • Communications / Networking (e.g. equipment manufacturers, satellite telecommunications service, service providers, wireless service providers)
  • Digital Content / Media / Entertainment (e.g. AdTech, digital commerce, gaming, Over-the-top service, social media)
  • Hardware (e.g. electronic devices/computers/peripherals, semiconductors/components, Internet of Things)
  • Medical Devices
  • Software (e.g.  artificial intelligence, cloud services, consumer software, data analytics, digital platforms, enterprise software, internet of things, mobile, SaaS, security, social networking)
  • FinTech (e.g. asset management, cryptocurrency, consumer credit/lending, digital banking, InsurTech, money transfer, payments, RegTech)

The following criteria must be met:

Venture Client Award by 27pilots

The Venture Client Award is for corporations that accomplished a significant strategic impact by buying start-up technologies and/or acquiring start-ups. By celebrating these projects, the award highlights the importance of adopting start-up solutions to solve critical business problems. We are looking for projects across multiple categories, encompassing achievements such as the most substantial cost savings through process optimization, the most significant revenue generation via product or business model innovation, and the most notable contributions to sustainability.

Requirements for corporations to be eligible for the award:

  • The corporation has a dedicated inhouse Venture Client Unit.
  • The start-up solution has been successfully piloted and is being integrated into processes, products, or the development roadmap.

What's in for you?

  1. Powerful Connections: Tap into a community of inspiring experts and companies, and build powerful connections to become even more successful in your field.
  2. Industry Access: Build a solid relationship with Deloitte Industry and Functional Domain Partners, opening up the opportunity for a long-term partnership and collaboration across the Deloitte network.
  3. Branding Material: You will receive a "Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award" media kit to integrate on your website and media channels.

What do former winners say about the Fast 50 Award?

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