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For the fastest-growing companies in the technology sector

Balancing growth and expansion while also adjusting organizational structures frequently presents specific challenges. Deloitte honors the companies that manage to meet these. Technology Fast 50 Award winners build the foundation of their success on new technologies and are the fastest-growing companies in the sectors of Hardware, Software, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Environmental Technology and FinTech.

Fast 50 2019

About Technology Fast 50 2019

The first Technology Fast 50 competition took place in the USA in 1995. Every year, more are added all over the world. In Germany, the Technology Fast 50 competition takes place for the seventeenth time in 2019. As a gateway for entrepreneurs, it offers its winners access to cooperations, capital and customers.

To further strengthen this network idea, we are launching the Fast 50 this year with a new concept in Germany: The Fast 50 main category for the fastest-growing tech companies will remain unchanged. In addition, we have transformed the previous Innovation Award into the new Challenge Award – especially for start-ups and scale-ups.

Applications for the 2019 Technology Fast 50 Award

Applications for the 2019 Technology Fast 50 Award are open until 30 June 2019. Further information about applications is available here. Please contact our team with any questions around the Fast 50 Award and your application.

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One competition, two categories

We made some changes for 2019, so this year's Technology Fast 50 Award features two competition categories instead of four:


Technology Fast 50 Award

The category for the 50 fastest-growing technology companies, measured by revenue growth over the last four years.


Deloitte awards the 50 fastest-growing companies in the technology sector. Assessment criteria are the average percentage revenue growth of the last four financial years (2015 to 2018). Companies (headquartered in Germany) from the following sectors are invited to apply:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Communications
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Environmental Technology
  • FinTech

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Challenge Award

The category for start-ups and scale-ups that use their technologies to solve digital (business) challenges.


The new Challenge Award format features innovative solutions that solve specific challenges in the following categories:

  • Future of Health
  • Future of Smart Cities
  • Future of Mobility
  • Future of Work
  • Future of Finance

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Why and how we transformed the award

To improve the outcome of the Fast 50 Award, we cancelled the „Rising Star“ and „Sustained Excellence“ categories and transformed the „Innovation Award“ into the new „Challenge Award“.

  • The new prize categories explained
  • How the winners are selected
New categories starting from 2019

2019 it will be slightly different. The Technology Fast 50 Award this year includes two competition categories:

  • Technology Fast 50

    Unchanged main category: Award for the 50 fastest-growing technology companies (headquartered in germany) , measured by revenue growth over the last four years.

  • Challenge Award

    New category for international start-ups and scale-ups: Companies use their technologies to solve one of our digital (business) challenges and can apply in one of the following areas: Future of Health, Future of Smart Cities, Future of Mobility, Future of Work, or Future of Finance.

The categories pre 2019

In the last years the Fast 50 Award was comprised of the following prize categories:

  • Technology Fast 50

    Award for the 50 fastest-growing companies based on revenue from the last four years.

  • Sustained Excellence

    Award for companies with particularly long-term growth, innovative capacity and sustainable entrepreneurship.

  • Rising Stars

    Award for high-growth start-ups and newcomers based on revenue from the last two years.

  • Innovation

    Award for superb innovative business models, products or technologies.

Winners selection process
  • Technology Fast 50 Award

    The 50 fastest-growing companies in the technology sector will be awarded based on a ranking from the average percentage revenue growth of the last four financial years (2015 to 2018). Learn more

  • Challenge Award

    A jury consisting of the Fast 50 Advisory Board and Deloitte experts will evaluate applications in a multi-step process and select the winners. Deloitte will support collaboration and the implementation of innovative technologies with a broad spectrum of expert knowledge. Learn more

  • New application requirements explained
  • Benefits of the new Challenge Award format
The new application requirements for the Challenge Award:
  • Applicants can be cross-industry depending on requirements of the specific challenge
  • Applicants must be a start-up and/or provider with the best solution for the challenge
  • Applicants must have a market ready and scalable product
  • International applications are welcome

The requirements for the Technology Fast 50 category remain unchanged. Learn more on our application website.

Win Deloitte as your partner and gain access to leading corporates.

The Challenge Award rewards pioneering start-ups and scale-ups that will impact the future of our economy.

  • New Business

    Win major corporations as customers, partners or investors and fuel the growth of your startup.

  • Brand Exposure

    Increase the visibility of your own brand reputation of Deloitte and the corporates you partner with.

  • Deloitte as a Partner

    Receive comprehensive support in the execution and implementation of your solution and benefit from Deloitte´s extensive knowledge of corporate structures.

  • Global Reach

    Gain access to corporates globally and expand your business to new markets and regions.

  • Fast Decisions

    As a startup, you need fast decisions from the corporates you work with. This is why we have established lean processes with direct access to corporate decision-makers.

Fast 50 Award Winners

Until 2018, Deloitte presented the Technology Fast 50 Award to high-growth technology companies in four categories. Here are the winners from recent years.

The winners of the 2018 Technology Fast 50 Award have proven that innovations are an engine of success for companies. The competition honors the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Germany, measured by their cumulative revenue growth. In addition, there were awards for Rising Stars, Sustained Excellence and Innovation. Here is an overview of the 2018 awardees.

What do former winners say about the Technology Fast 50 competition?

About Technology Fast 500 EMEA

Technology Fast 500 EMEA is the relevant program for European companies. It recognizes the fastest-growing technology companies from the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Linking the German Technology Fast program and the European Fast 500 program means that the top 50 German companies are automatically included, becoming part of a presentation and contact forum with a European dimension.

Here is the ranking of the 500 fastest growing companies in the EMEA region for 2017.

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