After the pandemic, it was clear that the world had entered a new era where uncertainty was the new normal, but few of us had imagined that a war on European soil would be probable. Nevertheless, we are witnessing a meaningless and heartbreaking war in Ukraine. In times like these, our values have helped us take the tough but necessary decisions about Deloitte’s operations in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. And Deloitte stands unequivocally with the people of Ukraine. We have been very clear on this position and the dilemmas embedded in the war in both external and internal communication, with our CEO as our primary spokesperson.  

Russia’s invasion of this sovereign nation is an indefensible act of aggression that echoes the darkest days in European history. Our overriding concern is the well-being of our colleagues in Ukraine and their families. For the time being, Deloitte has suspended business operations and client service in Ukraine to allow them to focus on their loved ones. We support our people with relocation where needed, including immigration assistance, transport and accommodation, as well as financial and psychological support. On a global scale, Deloitte has committed nearly USD 7 million in financial donations to support the humanitarian needs of those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Exiting Russia
After the Russian invasion, we decided to separate our practice in Russia and Belarus from the global network of Deloitte member firms. As a result, Deloitte no longer operates in Russia and Belarus. While we know this is the right decision, it impacts the 3,000 now-former Deloitte professionals in Russia and Belarus who have no voice in the actions of their government.

From a client perspective, Deloitte Denmark has many clients with business operations in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus. Since the invasion, we have worked very closely with them to support and help them navigate the risks to and impacts on their respective businesses. 

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