Sustainable Strategy and Governance

As sustainability has become core to competitiveness, companies and organizations of all sizes need to take a stance on what their ambition level is and how they will reach it.

Most companies and organizations are aware that they need to take a position on sustainability, but many are struggling to get started. Should they be front runners or merely compliant? What are the risks and opportunities and how can sustainability be leveraged to create value for business-critical stakeholders and society as a whole?

”The first step of your sustainability journey is setting a strategic direction that is integrated into your business strategy.”

Tanja Juul Christiansen, Partner, Crisis and Resilience

In Deloitte, we have helped hundreds of clients embark on their sustainability journey, so we understand your challenges and concerns. We can assist you throughout the entire sustainability transformation while ensuring that your business strategy and sustainability strategy are aligned to achieve the biggest impact for the benefit of both your organization and society.

How we can help

With Deloitte as your sustainability partner, we can help you turn sustainability challenges into competitive advantages. Based on solid analysis and data insights, we provide services within sustainability strategy and governance that help you:

  • Establish a strategic sustainability direction based on your prioritizations
  • Create a governance model that facilitates action and accountability
  • Develop and implement solutions to sustainability challenges
  • Carry out ongoing monitoring, reporting and impact measurements to track progress and secure long-term and sustainable outcomes.

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Tanja Juul Christiansen

Partner, Crisis and Resilience I Sustainable Strategy and Governance Lead

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