2021 Future of Cyber Survey

New survey finds rapid increase in cyberattacks driven by organizations’ embrace of digital transformation

Newly published survey highlights how a majority of 600 global C-level executives find a significance in increased cyberattacks following the acceleration of digital transformation processes. However, despite the elevated risk environment, leaders plan to continue to invest heavily in technical modernization.

The data also reveals that visibility into the growing complexity of integrated ecosystems is a critical component in mitigating cyber risk.

2021 Future of Cyber Survey highlights

  • 72% of survey respondents indicated their organizations experienced between one and 10 cyber incidents and breaches in the last year alone
  • Despite risks, an overwhelming majority of CFO respondents will continue to move their business’s financial systems or ERP to the cloud
  • Almost 75% of respondents who had more than US$30 billion in revenue said they will spend more than US$100 million on cybersecurity this year

About the survey:
The Deloitte 2021 Future of Cyber Survey, conducted by both Deloitte Global and Wakefield Research, polled nearly 600 C-level executives about cybersecurity at companies with at least US$500 million in annual revenue including nearly 200 CISOs, 100 CIOs, 100 CEOs, 100 CFOs, and 100 CMOs between 6 June 6 – 24 August 2021, using an online survey.

Contents of the survey

  • Executive summary – Gaining visibility into complexity
  • Digital transformation – Cyber and the challenge of transformation
  • Customer experience – Individualized or intrusive? Using personal data ethically
  • Zero trust – Securing a world without boundaries
  • Emerging technologies – Not one size fits all
  • Industry-centric cyber – A clear line of sight
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