Unbundling and optimizing your entity lifecycle management

Tackling the ever-changing regulatory landscape

The regulatory landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. New corporate rules are emerging literally on a daily basis, not least due to major developments in technology (e.g. data privacy and cyber security), international governance (e.g. anti-bribery and AML) and globally integrated supply chains (e.g. international trade law). COVID-19 has added an additional dimension to regulatory change with a host of new rules touching upon almost any sphere of corporate law.

Legal and compliance departments as custodians of many, if not all compliance and regulatory processes are tasked to identify new ways of effectively and efficiently addressing current and emerging regulatory frameworks.

However, increases in absolute numbers of regulation and legal entity reporting requirements go hand in hand with budget and time constraints of legal functions. Complex information and the need for a consistently high data quality pose serious challenges to any legal department.

Read more about the following topics in our leaflet (download):

  • Unbundling the legal entity lifecycle – opportunities for efficiency and transparency gains
  • Legal entity rationalization – cleaning up the house
  • Legal entity management – keeping the house in order


Published: February 2021

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