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Corporate diversity & inclusion: ALL IN

A diverse and vibrant organization built on respect and inclusion

At Deloitte we are committed to promoting an inclusive and diverse work culture. Deloitte’s work culture reflects on our shared values, ethical principles, policies and guidelines that regulate our way of working, how do we interact with each other and how do we act and behave in front of our colleagues, team leaders, team members, clients and other stakeholders.

Finnish ALL IN initiatives:

  • Equality, Father and Family Friendliness Program with Family Federation of Finland
  • Family Friendliness Forum to support further development of a Family-Friendly workplace (e.g. Family Leave Mentoring Program)
  • Pride week events – Fostering LGBT+ inclusion 
  • WAVE Sponsorship Program to sponsor women to leadership roles 
  • Inclusive Leadership training at High Impact Coaching Forums annually
  • Gender Smart Recruitment & Promotion standards

Family friendliness & inclusion

International Women's Day 2022

Our commitment areas and projects:

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