Key Account Management (KAM) – the biggest challenges and opportunities

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Watch three videos in where Deloitte professionals and our clients discuss where the biggest challenges and development opportunities of KAM lie.

Key Account Management is more important than ever: companies need to do their very best to take care of their most important clients. However, business environment is not the same as it was two years ago: for instance virtual is here to stay and there is a lot of uncertainty in Europe. Thus, KAM today seems to be challenging for majority of clients. 

Recently, we asked decision makers what they see as the greatest challenges in their key account management activities. While customer understanding and collaboration were quite naturally on top of the list, also internal capabilities were seen very important.

Key Account Management and Client Relationships | Metso Outotec

Annami Toukoniitty from Metso Outotec and Ville Tiainen from Deloitte discuss how important it is to:

  • Understand the clients' business KPI's and
  • Spend time with them in order to solve their challenges.

Key Account Management and Client Relationships | Valmet

Toni Saarnio from Valmet and Miikka Vartiainen from Deloitte discuss what are the main KAM success factors at Valmet:

  • Engage a wide group of experts to ensure that the client's business is understood correctly.
  • Active and systematic client involvement through the years with lifecycle planning.

Well-defined sales practices enable customer experience and value | Metsä Wood

Henrik Söderström, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Metsä Wood and Katri Hietala, Head of Sales Excellence, Deloitte discuss what is the benefit that can be delivered to the customers by doing well-defined customer categorisation and defining service levels.

Better value can be generated with:

  • Purposeful internal practices, capabilities and tools.
  • The key is to collect and use customer data consistently.
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