The robots are here!

RPA services in Greece

RPA is not actual robots in a production line but rather a software that can be configured to undertake rule-based tasks

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robots are computer-coded software, programs imitating human interaction with applications, cross-functional and cross application macros. When applying their skills, robots are able to gather and collate information, validate, synthesize and analyze structured and unstructured data, record data, calculate, decide and produce, transport data and communicate with users, orchestrate and manage activities, monitor, detect and report operational performance. In an RPA solution, robots are capable of mimicking most user actions.

Why should organizations adopt RPA?

Organizations are looking to automate processes to free up resources for critical initiatives, rapidly streamline processes and drive competitive advantage. Beyond cost efficiency, RPA may bring a multitude of benefits to an organization, such as improved quality, scalability and capacity, cost reduction, operational speed and internal control.


The robots are here!

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