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STARS Program

As we continue to establish Deloitte as the leading professional services and business advisory firm, attracting quality people will always be essential. Referrals are a key recruitment strategy for Deloitte, and as an alumnus, you’re one of our best sources for top-notch recommendations and referrals. We invite you to refer your friends for one of the many exciting job opportunities we have at Deloitte!

At Deloitte, our purpose is to make an impact that matters to colleagues, clients and society as a whole and as an alumnus, you know the skills and mind-set needed to be successful at Deloitte Croatia. We look forward to receiving your referrals.

How to refer a candidate for a job at Deloitte?

1. Contact us via the e-mail address
2. We will contact the potential candidate referred by you to assess their professional background and understand their expectations before moving forward with the recruitment process.


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