Deloitte Insurance Index


Deloitte Insurance Index

Insurance Index is a joint representative survey by Deloitte and Scale Research on consumer habits concerning personal insurance services. Regular sectoral research based on customer interviews can deliver tailored solutions to respond to challenges of the insurance market.


The index helps make strategic decisions:

  • on the product portfolio through the evaluation of product preferences and dominant trends;
  • on the service offer through the assessment of the quality of services provided and customer satisfaction;
  • on key target groups by establishing the size of actual and potential target groups.

Market research coupled with the survey of customer needs has a double value for market players because

  • it contributes to strategy development by identifying hot topics at an early stage,
  • and identifies the measures required to learn about social usefulness and consumer preferences as well as to satisfy consumer needs.


Deloitte Insurance Index

Focus areas

In addition to conventional demographic and market indicators, the study enables the analysis of several other relevant background variables such as:

  • General, basic market information
  • Market developments
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product development
  • Communication
  • Service - scale of use
  • Use of product channel per product type
  • Forms of gathering information

Main focus areas of research

Current and future product portfolio changes for the products below:

  • Life insurance
  • Non-life insurance
  • Pension savings
  • Health insurance

Enhance customer satisfaction with the following services:

  • Underwriting
  • Contract approval
  • Contract management
  • Claims adjustment
  • Maturity management

Regular sectoral research based on consumer interviews can deliver tailored solutions to challenges on the insurance market. With the Deloitte Insurance Index we wish to continue the work of Deloitte's young deceased partner, Szép Péter (1970-2015).

Péter Szép
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