Insurtech 2022 Survey

“Technological growth of the insurance market. Challenges, opportunities and trends of cooperation of insurers with Insurtech companies”

Insurtech 2022 Survey: directions and opportunities of cooperation between insurers and technology companies providing solutions for the insurance market

Technology development makes insurers verify their strategic and technological goals. Deloitte carries out a survey to identify needs of insurers and Insurtech companies, as well as potential cooperation areas and opportunities for the respondent groups.

In recent years, technology development has accelerated considerably, among others in the insurance market. For this reason, both insurers and Insurtech companies should verify their strategic and technology goals.
The progressing digitalization and widespread use of artificial intelligence result in rapid transformation to be faced by entities in both groups.
Importantly, solutions offered by Insurtech companies should match actual needs of insurers, and this is one of issues we want to analyze in our survey.

The goal of the survey, carried out by Deloitte in Poland and in selected Central European countries, is to identify industry trends and determine both the needs of insurers and capabilities of Insurtech companies. Further, we want to determine cooperation opportunities for these groups of respondents.

We are pleased to invite you to join the survey to share your experience of cooperation and determine both your technology needs and challenges you face. The participation is anonymous (there will be no possibility to recognize your answers or the entity your represent) and free of charge.

The respondents will be the first to receive the report with aggregated results that will allow determining:

  • Main technology development areas;
  • Cooperation forms preferred by both groups of respondents;
  • Key funding sources for projects;
  • Most common challenges faced by both insurers and Insurtech companies;
  • Insurers’ expectations regarding the current and future Insurtech offer.

Insurtech 2022 Survey

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