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Organizations are challenged with new emerging risks as they seek profitable growth and attempt to maximize the return on capital by understanding the risk adjusted opportunities to deploy the capital. Deloitte’s Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics (ARA) practitioners help business leaders make informed decisions to grow revenue, manage risk and capital, reduce operational costs, and design compensation and reward programs to address critical business, financial, and insurance challenges. We work with many of the world’s leading financial services providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers, and provide Rewards and Risk management advice to organizations from all industries and all geographies.

Actuarial 2020: Transform the function

Imagine a world where your organization’s actuaries can address be called to answer burning questions – and get business-oriented, easy-to-visualize responses that inform strategic decision making.


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Analytics, Machine Learning and Date Science

With the increase in computing power, organizations are interested in analyzing both internal and external data to identify previously unknown relationships that will drive operational efficiency, increase sales, and provide a competitive marketplace advantage.

Deloitte’s Advanced Analytics & Modeling (AAM) practitioners provide end-to-end business solutions using advanced statistical techniques to analyze large quantities of internal and external information to unlock previously unknown, but meaningful, business relationships allowing clients to significantly improve profitability through more informed insights. Analytics techniques include: predictive modeling, simulation, optimization, scenario planning, and data mining. Our Data Mining methodology is based on more than 20 years of R&D in artificial intelligence and neural network applications.

Compensation & Benefits

As the cost and risk of compensation and benefit programs continues to increase, employers are searching for new and innovative ways to improve employee productivity and engagement.

Deloitte practitioners help employers drive corporate performance by optimizing design, delivery, and management of compensation, benefits, and other rewards programs. As independent and objective advisors with deep expertise in compensation, healthcare, and retirement, we help our clients consider rewards in the context of the overall HR strategy and to focus on the optimal balance of employee value, employer cost, and risk management. Beyond deep technical expertise, our rewards advisors have broad business and industry experience to address complex rewards related business issues from strategy through execution. Further, we provide critical actuarial and investment expertise to pension plan sponsors and trustees so that they are assured their pension programs are being managed in an optimal manner.

Retirement Advisory and Risk Management

Retirement providers are aggressively navigating growth opportunities through the headwinds of margin compression, old technology and regulatory uncertainty.

Our capabilities leverage Deloitte’s full breadth of services to help retirement providers achieve their strategic objectives. A leading retirement services consultancy which focuses on serving retirement providers, assisting them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace spanning business strategy to business operations. We bring a team that has experience working for and with many of the leading retirement providers in the industry. We believe that we can offer industry benchmarks, unmatched insights and implementable solutions for our clients. Through our vast experience, exceptional service delivery and proven methodologies and accelerators, we are recognized leaders in Financial and Retirement Services. Our mission is to help retirement providers including banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and technology vendors to refine their retirement strategy, effectively explore new opportunities, and achieve operating excellence.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Companies embark on a merger, acquisition, or restructuring because they believe it will yield business value. Properly recognizing and managing the human capital aspects of a transaction is critical to realizing this potential value.

Deloitte M&A and restructuring professionals draw upon the experience earned in more than a few thousand global engagements to guide companies on how to enable growth, capture value, and bring the business together (or effectively carve the business out). Our subject matter experience encompasses the full range of Human Capital matters throughout the transaction life cycle, including Total Rewards, Organization & Talent Development, Culture, HR Transformation, and Actuarial Services. These are backed by Deloitte's deep breadth of experience across the disciplines of Consulting, Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory for a comprehensive approach that is both business-led and people-driven.

Actuarial 20/20: A corporate evolution worth realizing

Actuarial 20/20 is an offering that assists organizations and their actuarial teams in transforming and enhancing the value of the actuarial processes, systems, and people. Transformation, performed hand in hand with senior management, ultimately improves the overall value of the actuarial team as an important player in business and finance decision making.


People analytics: Recalculating the route

Analytics is no longer about finding interesting information and flagging it for managers. Now, data are being used to understand every part of a business operation, and analytical tools are being embedded into day-to-day decision making.

Talent analytics

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Judit Hauer

Judit Hauer


Judit joined Deloitte in 2007 and is currently a director, leading the Hungarian Actuarial and Insurance Solution team at Deloitte's Budapest practice. She has over twenty years of professional experi... More

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Balázs Mérth


Balazs is a Partner of Deloitte Central Europe and the regional CE VCS leader. His main responsibility is to lead and coordinate lead generation efforts in the financial services industry. He has 21 y... More