Governance, Regulatory & Risk


Governance, Regulatory & Risk

New risks continuously emerge, even as existing risks become more complex. In response to a number of recent risk events, governance requirements are being established in more jurisdictions and industries. Increasingly, management recognizes that the ability to effectively manage, mitigate, and monitor risk is a source of competitive advantage.

The Governance, Regulatory, & Risk (GR&R) practices of Deloitte member firms provide consultative services to executives and boards. GR&R services are designed to help create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis. The practices combine the talent, knowledge, and service delivery of numerous skilled professionals with years of industry experience.

Risk assessment

There are several situations in which companies are subject to specific risks, for instance in case of major changes in the company (such as a major acquisition, management changes etc.), or if there is lack of subject matter specialists in IT, fraud, or other areas or when a company has experienced or is susceptible to significant fraudulent activities.

We provide solutions and frameworks in the areas of risk analytics and measurement, risk reporting, and risk data management to help companies design, implement, and improve their infrastructure related to specific risks (e.g., Governance, Strategy & Planning, Operations / Infrastructure, Compliance, and Reporting) affecting the organization. This includes:

  • Overall risk assessment for the whole operation including workshops, surveys, risk prioritization, action plan and follow-up,
  • Risk assessment for targeted business areas,
  • Risk assessment for IT environment, and
  • Risk assessment method and best practice support.

We work with organizations to identify risk appetite and utilization monitoring capabilities and to establish related risk governance structures needed across the enterprise. Deloitte professionals can assist with developing a strategic approach to managing risk that simultaneously addresses management expectations and provides solutions for both risk management and regulatory compliance.

Compliance and anti-fraud management, forensic services

Today’s enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges ranging from book keeping, payroll anomalies; lack of control mechanisms or the segregation of duties, social, family ties with suppliers, cyber security threats to a complex regulatory environment, as well as an evolving governance landscape. Given the monetary and non-monetary consequences, it is critical that organizations manage the risk of fraud and non-compliance.

The Compliance and Anti-fraud management (CAF) team assists clients by supporting the consistency, accuracy and readiness of organizational adoption of regulatory changes and demands; providing a consistent organizational “voice” when dealing with regulatory and oversight agencies; operating proactively rather than reactively, by staying ahead of regulatory requirements and changes in the marketplace and in the business. Our practitioners address regulatory issues and provide out-of-the-box solutions that turn value-killer risks into value-creating opportunities.

To address the challenges, we provide the following services:

  • Compliance program set up
  • Quality assessment of the compliance program
  • Anti-fraud program reviews
  • Forensic services
  • Fraud investigation
  • Whistleblowing services

Corporate governance

The Corporate Governance Benchmarking and Best Practices services offered by Deloitte member firms focus on helping clients develop an understanding of how the board executes its responsibilities to help resolve latent issues, develop new vision, and become more effective and efficient.

We help corporate boards address the expanding marketplace expectations relating to their oversight responsibilities. We provide a range of services to help organizations with their corporate governance issues, including board practice benchmarking, board and committee performance assessments and board development programs on topics such as risk oversight, crisis management and executive compensation.

Enterprise risk management

The Enterprise Risk Management services offered by Deloitte member firms help organizations integrate risk management into their business and strategic processes to enable them to take risks to create value as well as respond to and mitigate risks appropriately. Deloitte provides a range of services to help member firm clients with their risk management issues, including:

  • identification and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks 
  • assessment of an organization's risk capabilities 
  • development of the tools, processes, and organizational structures needed to build a robust and sustainable risk management program.

In today’s challenging market conditions, companies often have a lower tolerance for “surprises” and a greater need to manage risk holistically. Furthermore, certain regulatory rules requiring disclosures regarding the board’s role in risk oversight are driving the need for an enterprise-wide view of risk. To address the internal and external drivers, we help clients and boards through the following services:

Risk intelligent EnterpriseTM management

The Risk intelligent EnterpriseTM describes how a Risk Intelligent approach to enterprise management can help take enterprise risk management to the next level. Risk Intelligent enterprise management treats risk management as an integral part of managing the enterprise’s strategy and operations, not as a separate, siloed process. This can enable an organization to make Risk Intelligent choices that expose the enterprise to just the “right” amount of risk needed to pursue value creation.

Risk-based decision support

The Risk-based decision support services help clients yield better decision making and more timely action to address risks, and more effective oversight of risk areas and strategies.