TaxCube automates VAT filing according to customized client requirements.

Prompt VAT returns with minimized risks. TaxCube assists your company throughout the entire filing process. It minimizes the probability of errors, deriving from strict deadlines, unstructured data sets, and human inaccuracy.

Preparing VAT returns poses a number of challenges to companies. Large corporations are increasingly face with complex transactions that give rise to various tax issues and reporting obligations. Strict deadlines and lack of optimization deprives companies of potential profit and resources.

Optimization is increasingly relevant in a field of automation as it facilitates adjustments within company processes.

Based on the above challenges, Deloitte professionals have developed a VAT technology solution that enables companies to automate their VAT filing processes. TaxCube has been designed to ensure clients ongoing statutory compliance with the reporting obligation.

Simultaneously, it serves to measurably reduce the time, money and resource requirements of VAT filing.

During implementation, our experts analyse the VAT data structure of the client and the filing processes. Based on this information, our professionals configure a customized software.

TaxCube enables clients to prepare VAT filing quickly and easily. Additionally, it reduces the probability of error generally associated with manual processing.

Meet our experts

Zoltán Tancsa

Zoltán Tancsa


Zoltán is Partner-in-Charge at the Tax Department of Deloitte Hungary. He is the Service Line leader of the Indirect Tax group which deals primarily with value added tax and customs related issues. Cu... More