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Since its founding as Japan's first nation-wide audit firm in 1968, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has steadily strengthened its management base and expanded its fields of expertise through numerous mergers, business consolidations and alliances, having grown to become one of Japan's largest comprehensive professional services firms.

Our History

2019.2 Opened Group's flagship office
2018.5 50th anniversary of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group's foundation
2017.4 Deloitte Tohmatsu Corporate Solutions LLC established
2015.4 DT Legal Japan joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Group
The Group officially named as Deloitte Tohmatsu Group
2014.4 Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC established
2009.7 Tohmatsu & Co. reorganized as a Limited Liability Audit Corporations and renamed as Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu LLC
2002.5 Tohmatsu Tax Co. established (*The precursor of Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. )
2001.6 Deloitte Tohmatsu Corporate Finance Co., Ltd. Established (*The precursor of Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC.)
1997 Network expanded to 20 cities in Japan and 50 cities overseas
1993.4 Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd. Established (*The precursor of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC.)
1990.2 Merged with Mita Audit Corporation and renamed as Tohmatsu & Co.
1990.1 Touche Ross International merged with Deloitte Haskins and Sells International and formed Deloitte Ross Tohmatsu International, the precursor of Deloitte Touche Tohmats Limited (DTTL).
1988.10 Merged with Nishikata Audit Corporation and Sapporo Daiichi Audit Corporation
1988.4 Merged with Marunouchi Audit Corporation
1986.10 Merged with Sanwa Audit Corporation and renamed as Tohmatsu Awoki & Sanwa
1975.5 Joined Touche Ross International Alliance
1972.11 Opened New York office
1969.9 The firm's first expatriate sent to San Francisco
1969.2 Renamed as Tohmatsu Awoki & Co.
1968.5 Established as Tohmatsu Awoki Tsuda Tsukada Awoki Uno Kasukabe & Co.


A short 2-minute video that looks back over the last 50 years of the group's history.

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