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Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd.

Innovation is the key to driving business success and revitalizing the Japanese and the world economies in the 21st century. At Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support (DTVS), our mission is to “create the future alongside innovators”, by collaborating with startups, large corporations and government agencies. Our main activities include: startup support, consulting for large corporations, open innovation and government agency support.

Catalyst for innovation

Our role is to act as a catalyst, to accelerate the rate of innovation. We believe this is of paramount importance in order for brilliant and disruptive ideas to take form and to be implemented as solutions that benefit both the economy and the society.

At DTVS, we support, connect and cooperate with startups and corporations in order to transform bold ideas into tangible, innovative solutions. So far, we have supported over 3000 promising startups as well as assisted hundreds of our clients to implement open innovation programs. Central to our mission is the development of an ecosystem that supports innovation worldwide.


Groundbreaking ideas too often do not reach the market because of a lack of customers or a mismatch with market needs. DTVS nurtures startups according to their needs and at all stages of development, by leveraging the extensive Deloitte network and our in-house expertise in venture affairs. With a firm belief that startups are the lifeblood of an ecosystem, DTVS offers a broad range of expert services free of charge to startups. Some areas of support include:

  • Organizational, strategy and business support
  • Improving sales (advisory, alliances and client introductions)
  • Public Relations
  • Fund-raising (pitching advice and introductions)
  • Hiring (introducing staff, particularly lawyers and accountants)
  • Overseas expansion (connecting to local VC and industry contacts)
  • Staff education (training for first-time CFOs)
  • Financial advisory (M&A and IPO)

Morning Pitch

Part of our Open Innovation platform, Morning Pitch is a weekly startup pitching event were selected startups present their businesses to over 100 participants coming from public companies, VC firms and the media. The event aims to create business alliances between startups and corporations seeking for new innovative and disruptive ideas that could transform their businesses for the better. Since its inception in 2013 the event has been held over 160 times, more than 800 startups have pitched and over 100 business alliances have been created through the event as well as numerous partnerships and M&As. This makes Morning Pitch one of the most famous startup pitching events in Japan.



Corporations all over the world are struggling to keep up with lean, disruptive startups and rapidly shifting markets. DTVS is committed to ensuring our clients’ growth and success by establishing alliances with startups.

Our services include: innovation consulting and advisory services, setting up a corporate venture capital funds, running internal acceleration programs, business contests, open innovation projects, M&A advisory, as well as a cultivating a conducive corporate environment for innovation.

Government Agencies

To achieve a more open, business-friendly environment, DTVS collaborates with government entities in framing and implementing innovation policies and programs.

DTVS also helps government agencies to achieve economic progress via innovation in their local regions.

We serve as an innovation consultant to assist in market research, white papers, policy recommendations and implementations, overseas postings, management of startup acceleration facilities, educating entrepreneurs and empowering them to create tangible and positive impact in their local communities, as well as acting as the secretariat for many Ministry related innovation projects.

Worldwide Bases for Innovation

By being a neutral third-party player, DTVS sees a monumental opportunity to connect the various stakeholders of startup ecosystems around the globe, as well as with the capital-rich corporations. Bolstered by the success of our initiatives in Japan, we have built a dedicated team entrusted with the task of our ambitious worldwide expansion in Silicon Valley, New York, Israel, Singapore, and India.

Corporate Profile

Company Name

Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd.


December 1997


10 million yen


Yuma Saito, President

Head Office

Tokyo, Marunouchi


Marunouchi Nijubashi Building3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
TEL: +81 (3) 6213 2000

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