Corporate, Risk Management

With the increasingly globalized business of Japanese companies in recent years, the need to analyze and assess the regulatory environment of overseas countries before launching business there has been growing, while at the same time, the number of post-launch issues, such as non-legal compliance by foreign subsidiaries and lack of governance by Japanese parent companies, has also been increasing. DT Legal Japan efficiently builds knowledge of overseas local markets and industries to provide high-quality advisory services related to a wide range of legal and contractual issues surrounding Japanese and foreign companies.

Global Network and Collaboration with Other Professionals

DT Legal Japan, as a member of the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group consisting of professionals from various services across Japan and also as a Japanese member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”), which consists of member firms in over 150 countries around the world, meets the various business needs of clients in a timely and effective manner through close coordination with approximately 2,000 attorneys in the 80 countries of Deloitte Legal, i.e., Deloitte’s legal practices.

Handling of varied corporate matters requires not only legal support from attorneys, but also other professional services, such as financial advice in establishing appropriate group organization to meet requirements for sufficient legal compliance, internal control and risk management; forensic services in support of an internal investigation by attorneys on corporate misconduct and scandal; or advice on the most effective tax structuring in addition to the study of legal systems of a country in launching business there. DT Legal Japan offers high-quality and effective legal service in close coordination with audit, tax, consulting, financial advisory and other services professionals in about 40 cities throughout Japan.

Key Services

DT Legal Japan provides legal advisory services related to a wide range of legal and contractual issues surrounding Japanese and foreign companies. They include legal advice for Japanese companies on day-to-day operations; effective management and governance of foreign subsidiaries; risk management for potential/actual reputational issues as well as necessary legal research prior to a business launch overseas. We also offer an extensive range of legal services to foreign companies in relation to setting up new business in Japan, such as supporting establishment of subsidiaries or branches; visa applications; employment related procedures; preparation of minutes of general shareholder/board meetings; acquisition of necessary licenses; and the drafting of joint venture agreements.

Corporate Legal Issues
• Support for negotiation and conclusion of various contracts, such as basic transaction agreements and confidentiality agreements
• Advice on corporate governance, including handling of shareholder/board meetings and improvement of internal control systems and company policies
• Advice on group reorganization, including restructuring of foreign subsidiaries
• Addressing administrative law-related issues (e.g., Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Anti-Monopoly Law, Unfair Competition law, Subcontract Act)
• Addressing recently increased corporate scandals on various issues, such as liabilities by corporate officers, cartels, product liabilities and harassment
• Support for civil or commercial disputes in Japan and other countries
• International arbitration
• Research of laws and regulations of Japan or other countries
• Support for the establishment of subsidiaries or branches by foreign companies in Japan
• Support for the establishment of subsidiaries or branches by Japanese companies in other countries