The Smart Factory @ Kyoto

Factory Connectivity - Connecting Site and Management

By connecting fragmented factory operations and maximizing the use of data and AI, manufacturing leaders can focus on building growth and value. The Smart Factory @ Kyoto is an innovation space where you can see, touch and experience digital solutions in action, making factories smarter.

Many companies are moving from traditional, siloed supply chains to connected digital supply networks. But how can manufacturing leaders be sure the solutions, strategies and implementation plans are fit for their needs, and those of the future?

The Smart Factory @ Kyoto is a manufacturing facility developed in partnership with the Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), where visitors can take part in an immersive exploration of what digital transformation can mean for their business.


Experience the possibilities

The Smart Factory @ Kyoto is split into a showcase area and innovation area. The showcase area is an immersive experience, where you can see, touch, and test the various solutions that can be used to realize factory connectivity. Visitors will work through use cases to optimally digitize data, visualize decisions, and improve the field through data analysis.

In the innovation area, our experts support visitors to build a transformation strategy based on their experiences in the showcase area.

Through the smart factory experience, visitors will leave with actionable insights and deeper understanding of how digital transformation and factory connectivity can be implemented in their businesses.

To learn more about our tailored programs and experience factory connectivity for yourself, please get in touch with our contacts listed below.

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The Smart Factory @ Tokyo – coming soon!

Japan’s second Smart Factory will be opening in 2022, based in Tokyo.

Contact the team for more information.

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Keigo Haga
Director, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, Japan

Keigo Haga has 20+ years consulting experience in business strategy and operational transformation for heavy equipment and industrial products manufacturing industries. He is also practical leader of The Smart Factory @ Tokyo.

Hiroaki Ochi
Specialist Lead, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, Japan

Hiroaki Ochi is practical leader of The Smart Factory @ Kyoto and has consulting experiences for smart factory and manufacturing operation transformation. His original business field was semiconductor manufacturing, process engineering product development and quality control for more 12+ years.

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