Risk Management in Foreign Subsidiaries

The globalization of business activities has resulted in a relative increase in the risks associated with operations abroad. There has been a case in which risks that materialized in a foreign subsidiary dealt a fatal blow to its parent company. Particularly for those companies that have significantly increased the proportion of overseas operations in recent years, risk management in their foreign subsidiaries is becoming far more important than it used to be.

Development of Risk Management in Foreign Subsidiaries

Since circumstances vary from one country to another, overseas operations could involve various kinds of risks. An effective way to deal with such a situation is to take a step-by-step approach in the order of the significance of risks. Specifically, as the “first step” of risk management in foreign subsidiaries, your efforts in the first year should be focused on addressing the most critical risks of each of your foreign subsidiaries by following the process below. Then, as “subsequent development” from the second year onward, you should move on to implement measures for more comprehensive risk management.


Advantages of Deloitte Japan

Wealth of experience

We have a wealth of experience of supporting Japanese companies with risk management in their subsidiaries overseas. We have been supporting companies of various sectors with their operations in various parts of the world. Building on our proven track record and extensive experience, we will provide effective and efficient services. 

Flexible Response Tailored to Your Needs

We provide services that flexibly respond to the needs of client companies in the entire process of risk management activities. We can offer a tailored package of services to provide only specific resources and knowledge that are not available internally. We can also meet the needs for outsourcing of a full range of risk management functions. 

Group of Experts in Diverse Areas

We organize a variety of industry groups, each of which is composed of professionals having deep expertise unique to each industry. Our experts cover diverse areas including information security and business continuity plans (BCP), in addition to auditing and risk management. This results in offering you concrete and practical advice for risk control as well. 

Global Network

As a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), we have a robust global network. We also have local bilingual professionals in various locations in the world. By taking full advantage of this network, we support your risk management in all locations overseas in a well-organized manner.