Deloitte International Tax Source


Deloitte International Tax Source

The Deloitte International Tax Source (DITS) is a database containing various tax rates, information and analysis key to doing business in 65 jurisdictions.

DITS allows users to:

  • View the domestic corporate, withholding and indirect tax rates, as well as tax treaty withholding rates for dividends, interest and royalties for the 65 DITS countries in an interactive tool and compare rates in multiple tax treaties.
  • Explore individual countries in greater detail through the Taxation and Investment Guides, which provide insight into the rules on business and investment for most major trading jurisdictions. The Guides are supplemented by the Country Highlights series, which provides key tax information for over 150 jurisdictions.
  • Discover essential elements of holding company, transfer pricing and controlled foreign company regimes in jurisdictions critical to cross-border businesses.
  • Read analysis of cross-border tax developments and trends affecting multinationals.

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