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National Money Exam

Introducing children to the world of money in five varied lessons.

Caring for financial health is in our DNA. Via our Deloitte Impact Foundation, we focus on stimulating financial health through various initiatives. Deloitte, Nibud and publisher Zwijsen developed the National Money Exam especially for children in groups 7 and 8 and the lowest classes in secondary education. This free lesson package encourages children to think about money matters to give them a head start on a healthy financial future. Financial Health starts with good education!

How it works

In 5 one-hour lessons, children learn about saving, safe banking and the influence of advertising on purchasing behaviour in a world where money is less and less tangible. Visit the website of Zwijsen to find more information about the themes, content and order the free teaching package.

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Plus 10 years of the National Money Exam

Over 10 years ago, Deloitte created the National Money Exam. Willemijn Zwiep, herself a mother of 5 children, got the idea after realising children aren’t taught how to prepare themselves for a healthy financial future at school. The teaching package was developed, and The Deloitte Impact Foundation has been connecting Deloitters as guest teachers to schools ever since. Up til now, circa 250.000 diplomas have been awarded.

Week van het Geld

Financial Health

Via our Deloitte Impact Foundation, we also focus on stimulating financial health through initiatives like the Nationale Coalitie Financiële Gezondheid (NCFG). Together with partners, Deloitte is committed to developing financial skills worldwide via our Worldclass program.

The Deloitte Impact Foundation

With our Deloitte Impact Foundation we want to make a positive impact on society. We share our expertise, skills and network and work together with partners on societal initiatives in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and inclusiveness.

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