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National Money Exam

The National Money Exam is an integrated approach for children in groups 7 and 8 that teaches children how to handle money consciously

Dealing with money is increasingly becoming a challenge for young people. Money becomes less tangible, a contactless debit card payment is easily done. It is therefore important to make young people increasingly financially aware. For example, by learning how to pay securely via the internet and which financial risks there are.

Children soon have to deal with certain expenses in their younger years. Think of buying a snack in the school canteen or the costs for mobile calls. A student with a National Money diploma in his pocket knows the differences between borrowing and saving, can plan his expenses, look at advertisements with a critical eye, calculate discounts and pay securely via pin and internet. Children with a diploma can think in transactions, an important skill in a world where money is less and less tangible.

The National Money Exam

The National Money Exam, developed by Deloitte, Nibud and Uitgeverij Zwijsen, is an integrated approach for children in groups 7 and 8 (according the Dutch school system) and teaches children how to handle money consciously. For example, children are encouraged to look at advertisements with a critical eye. Is a 25% discount with one provider really cheaper than a 15% discount with another? How do you manage what you have to spend smartly? All students who have passed the Money Exam receive a personal Money Diploma!

In addition to the regular teaching package, Uitgeverij Zwijsen have also developed a digital variant. Via this page you can find the various downloads under the tab ‘Voor leerkrachten, ouders en verzorgers’. All downloads are online fill-in documents that you can save on your own computer.

Week van het Geld


In addition to the local focus via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, for example with the National Money Exam, Deloitte is also committed to developing financial skills worldwide. Deloitte has expressed its ambition to support 50 million people with Worldclass by 2030. For this initiative, we leverage our professionals' expertise and skills to help people develop work skills, improve educational outcomes and seize opportunities to succeed in this new economy. We are focusing our resources and efforts to make a meaningful impact on a shared challenge worldwide.

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