Innovating healthcare with field service


Innovating healthcare with field service

With Virtual Health Platform, instant efficiencies lie ready and waiting

The home care industry is an outlier in the Netherlands when it comes to uptake of technological innovation. The industry is facing many concerns like escalating costs, suboptimal work processes, ageing population and a tight labor market. This article reflects on the enormous opportunity for caregivers, and their patients, to start making use of savvy, available technology solutions.

The specific struggles of Dutch home care providers are being discussed. These day-to-day frustrations undoubtly contribute to caregiver’s decisions to walk away;

  • Ineffecient planning and technological limitations
  • High care demand, low staff numbers
  • Very limited staff participation
  • Lack of insight and efficiency

As the result of a shared vision and collaboration between Deloitte and Salesforce, a smart, flexible technology is developed which empowers caregivers to manage their time well, travel smartly, and handle emergencies efficiently. These immediate impacts of person-centred technology within the healthcare industry goed beyond the entire home care organization, as it also effects the patients and their families.

Innovating healthcare with field service
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