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In Deloitte Corporate Finance, we provide M&A advisory to company owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and private equity clients. In partnership with our client, we handle every strategic, financial and tactical aspect of the process when buying or selling a company, raising funds or setting up a joint venture.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte CFA connects deep industry knowledge with efficient processes tailored to the needs of our clients.  We are the market leader thanks to our transparency, our innovative mindset, and our data-driven approach to M&A powered by digital assets and cutting-edge technology.

Our diverse team will put the effort in to fully preparing you for your deal, crafting a vision for the process, and spotting hidden value others would miss. After shaping this plan, we then do what has made us the #1 M&A advisor in Europe: execute. Check Deloitte’s unparalleled approach to the M&A lifecycle here

The Deloitte M&A Legal team is fully integrated with Corporate Finance which results in a one-stop approach for financial and legal support in deals. This truly is a seamless service, saving the client time and costs by closely collaborating on all topics and in all stages of a transaction.

What situations do we typically advise on? See below for what fits into our ‘sweet spot’:

Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory – An overview of completed transactions in 2023

M&A Advisory

Our team members offer informed perspectives on trends that will define the M&A landscape in the Netherlands. Read all about the Dutch M&A predictions here.

We combine local expertise with a global network

Deloitte is recognised as a global leader in Corporate Finance Advisory. With a team of 20,000 M&A professionals, we are unrivalled in helping our clients close deals all around the world. Whether it’s canvassing a global bidder landscape, or helping to open doors in the hardest-to-reach corners of the world, one of Deloitte’s 100+ international M&A offices will have the answer you seek.

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Kris Ruijters

Kris Ruijters


Kris has over 20 years of experience in transactions and heads the M&A Legal team in Amsterdam. The M&A Legal team advises in all phases of the M&A life cycle, such as carve-out/separation, M&A ready,... More

Neil Lomax

Neil Lomax


Neil Lomax has wide experience in the area of corporate finance and M&A advisory and leads the Government & Public Services sector. He services governments, her participations and public infrastructur... More