A leaders view on the future of Anti Money Laundering in the Netherlands


A leaders view on the future of Anti Money Laundering in the Netherlands

AML Leaders Survey 2022: outcomes and key messages

2022 is the year in which the Dutch debate on the future of Anti Money Laundering (AML) accelerated. Multiple evaluations of the Dutch AML framework were published in the summer, and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) recently presented its renewed regulatory perspective on the fight against financial crime. To move towards a more effective AML approach, the views of AML leaders on the future of AML in the Netherlands are of importance. What are their thoughts on the gatekeeper role, effectiveness, collaboration, innovation, privacy and information sharing, and culture?

Financial crime: a huge concern

Financial crime is a huge concern for our entire society. Money laundering damages citizens, businesses, our government and even our democracy. Obviously, the fight against this financial crime - Anti Money Laundering (AML) - deserves our full attention, and a smart and effective approach with all parties within the Anti Money Laundering chain.

AML leaders survey 2022

Updated plans and next steps in Anti Money Laundering

This year saw an acceleration of the debate on the future of AML. For instance, the Dutch ministers of Finance and Justice have presented their updated plans to fight money laundering. The publication of the report ‘Van herstel naar balans’ by DNB is key for the next steps in the transformation of AML. It describes the need for a new balance in the AML framework with collaboration, innovation and a more refined risk based approach as pillars. For financial institutions, this opens the door to a follow-up discussion about the implementation of their regulatory AML obligations. However, the design of the underlying solutions has not been aligned yet. Therefore efforts must be made to realise practical changes in the AML framework. This requires the perspective of AML leaders.

“In general, the AML leaders identified the need for more leadership over the AML-chain”

Survey among AML leaders

This is exactly why Deloitte and Leaders in Finance set up a survey among AML leaders on the future of Anti Money Laundering in the Netherlands. The survey covers six subtopics: Gatekeeper role, effectiveness of the AML approach, collaboration, innovation, privacy and culture.

Five key messages

Based on the responses of the AML leaders, we have retrieved five key messages, which cover widely shared views as well as new suggestions for a more effective AML approach. In general, there is a strong need for more coordination and leadership (e.g., by means of a National Coordinator AML), clear goals and clear (data sharing) regulation and shared priorities. Moreover, the AML leaders would encourage a national AML strategy in which the various roles and contributions towards a secure financial system are fully aligned.

Please find all five key messages and more details in our survey. Click on the download button to receive a full copy of the AML leaders survey 2022: outcomes and key messages.

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