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What music to listen during your workday?

Ever since I was a little child I learned that music can make you feel in a certain mood. It can make you feel at ease in different situations. It can challenge you while doing sports. It can even make you uncomfortable when you hear music you dislike. On the other hand it can take you back down memory lane; while listening to a song or tune that resembles a feeling from the past. Nowadays I love to hear background music during my workday. Here’s the connection between work and Business Chemistry®. And although I’m not a musician, it’s my job to orchestrate a team workshop and I know a thing or two about behaviour in the workplace.

30 November 2020 | Jeroen Huizer

What is the thing we all have in common? The first thing that came up to my mind was music. This sparked the idea to work on a dedicated playlist along with the Business Chemistry types and traits. Aligned with the unique characteristics everyone brings to an organization or into a team. Here lies the beauty of a diverse team. But it can also lead to pitfalls when working together. And while the experiment leading to this article is not part of the official research on Business Chemistry, I still noticed a very nice relation.

Once you know about all four types, you’ll have a good insight of which type you are and you may be able to hypothesize another individual’s primary Business Chemistry preference.

  • Pioneers, who value possibilities and spark energy and imagination.
  • Guardians, who value stability and bring order and rigor.
  • Drivers, who value challenge and generate momentum.
  • Integrators, who value connections and draw teams together.

Or explore this quick interactive hunching tool. Click on one of the types to get started. Note: It works best on mobile devices.

So what music do you prefer to listen to while working? Some of you will easily have their answers ready. Whilst others might respond they can’t choose or cannot listen to music at all at work. Which is pending their personal preference or due to the nature of the job they have. The outcome of my little experiment -amongst people I work with very frequently- shows an interesting relation between music preference and their primary outcome on Deloitte’s Business Chemistry.

For those of you that can’t wait to jump to the conclusion, included into this article is the playlist. Noteworthy detail in here is the behavioural traits from Business Chemistry describe also the feeling people have in relation to their preferred song. Now please be careful here; it’s not a reflection about the artist behaviour, it’s about the personal feeling or relation people have to the specific song. These are the top three music preferences from each of the four Business Chemistry types.

Based on the four Business Chemistry types we all bring a certain set of behaviour into our -virtual- work. No matter what role you bring into the team. Given that remote working has become the norm for many of us, one of the challenges of working remotely is that we somehow have both too little and too much connection at the same time. There’s an article dedicated for leaders and how to tackle team challenges.

Enjoy the full Deloitte Greenhouse- Business Chemistry playlist that is now available. Let it be an inspiration for you. To have you energized, focused, challenged or connected throughout your workday. Or while going out for a walk to prepare for or reflect on your meeting. And take into account, it can also serve as a talking point next time you have a virtual coffee break or meet with someone virtually for the first time. By simply asking the question; what’s your favourite song related to your Business Chemistry profile?

I love talking about Business Chemistry and I hope you will too. I also hope that in time we’ll get a chance to know a bit about you, so please join in the discussion by commenting below, follow the playlist or contact me directly via the links below.

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