Managing risks responsibly for tech start- and scale-ups

Devence is created to help, advise and provide tech-driven start-ups and scale-ups to thrive and grow together towards a more sustainable and responsible future. We combine risk, compliance and data expertise in one easy-to-use platform with dashboards to manage your risks.

The challenges of tech start-up and scale-ups

So you are a tech-enthousiastic with passion for the new and always on the lookout for ways to improve your business? Ready to be the next start-up or scale-up that will make a difference? Yeah! But as you grow, you realise that the more you grow, the more complex your business becomes. And so does the level of risk you will face. Do you recognize these challenges?

  • Having trouble with the cyber security or scalability of your technology?
    Wasting time figuring out how to use personal data in line with privacy laws, GDPR and ethical standards?
  • Do you want to ensure good quality for your data, and use it as an advantage for your business?
  • Having issues complying with new laws and regulations in the technological domain or applicable to your type of business?
  • Preparing for tough demands from investors? Endlessly gathering reports for corporate clients?

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All-in one connected dashboard

We believe that you should be able to focus on what matters most. Not having to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to manage risks on your own. We remove distractions by managing risk in a new way. Through our easy-to-use platform with dashboards supported by our team we help you know what to do next. This leaves you ready for the future in a responsible way towards society, clients, employees, investors and regulators.

Help, advise and energize the up and coming

The idea of Devence was born in the office of Deloitte. We’re tech enthusiastic, risk, compliance and data experts with a passion for the new and exciting. For building a better and more responsible future. We are inspired by the community of start-ups and scale-ups, not afraid to reinvent, repurpose or even scrap the status quo. We believe in a world in which these new tech companies are redefining the economical era. So, we decided to really take some pointers from the startup culture and become part of the community. We started to co-create, simplify and make processes smarter and leaner. To help, advise and provide tech-driven start-ups and scale-ups to thrive and grow together towards a more sustainable and responsible future. That’s why we created Devence, nurtured by Deloitte, ready to help, advise and energize the up and coming.

Ready. Set. Grow.


Rob de Leeuw

Rob de Leeuw


Rob de Leeuw is a Partner at Risk Advisory who used to lead the Dutch Operational Risk Team. He has more than 15 years’ working experience in a wide range of risk transformation programmes. His experi... More