Sustainability Assurance

There is a lot at stake for you and your investors, customers, banks, ratings agencies, employees, and society at large.

Your stakeholders want to see transparency and progress—and high-quality ESG and climate disclosures published in accordance with recognized ESG standards and frameworks. Let us empower you during this critical time to become leaders in transparency through independent assurance.

We offer:

  • External ESG reporting and Assurance readiness – Understand the governance, risks, processes and controls you have in place for ESG data and metrics and reporting therein, and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Assurance frameworks – assure once for many – as shareholders, banks, ratings agencies, green bond holders and others require more assurance how can you do that in a robust and efficient way
  • Assurance review – Limited assurance over select ESG metrics or report as a whole
  • Assurance examination – Reasonable assurance over select ESG metrics or report as a whole

These services may improve your ability to meet stakeholders’ expectations for accurate and reliable disclosures while helping to reduce risks related to misleading or omitted disclosures and avoiding non-compliance with laws and regulations. Obtaining assurance also gives management and the board greater confidence in the completeness and accuracy of your ESG disclosures to enable them and to be confident in what they are representing to the various stakeholders.


Please find our collection of insights on assurance below.

Get ready for climate-related risk disclosures

Investors, regulators and other stakeholders increasingly demand non-financial information disclosures. The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) responds to the growing demand for non-financial information disclosures on the high impact of climate change on organisations. The TCFD stresses the importance for financial stakeholders of understanding organisations’ climate-related risks and opportunities.

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Climate risk disclosure considerations

Climate change is happening faster than anticipated. Our planet, society and economy are already being affected and climate science shows us the risks are real. Organisations must therefore urgently address and disclose their climate risks. It is time to act. Our key questions and suggested first steps will help organisations to prepare for robust climate risk disclosures.

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Measure and monitor: Getting unstuck on the journey to net zero

Jacques Buith reflects on “Europe’s turning point: Accelerating new growth on the path to net zero”, and how to ensure climate-change commitments are met. Buith is Deloitte’s Global Lead Partner for the United Nations.

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The European Commission publishes draft guidance on sustainability agreements

The Growth Strategy in the European Green Deal demonstrates that sustainable development is a high priority for the European Member States. The European Commission (EC) has recognised that collaboration in the field of sustainability, within the boundaries of competition law, can contribute more to environmental and climate goals. Therefore, the EC has added a new chapter on sustainability agreements to its draft revised Horizontal Guidelines of the European Commission (”draft Guidelines”), which were published on 1 March 2022 . This blog briefly discusses the content of the draft Guidelines and the particular topics where local Competition Authorities take a more liberal approach.

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