Sustainable Strategy

The best of today’s business leaders are those who create sustainable operating environments that balance the immediate needs of the business with the needs of future generations.

Stakeholders from all quarters – customers, investors, governments, regulators, NGOs – all influence the corporate strategic agenda, to build operating environments that are sustainable and smartly designed to anticipate the future economic landscape.

Deloitte’s role is to help the leaders of our client organisations interpret this complex array of competing demands by using rich data analysis, market and materiality assessments, and ‘what-if’ scenario modelling.

We help identify and prioritise the ESG opportunities and decisions that will truly make a difference to the financial outturns and business models of their enterprises today, and to lay the foundations for the future. Making sustainability an integral part of the corporate strategy.


Please find our collection of insights on strategy below.

Divisive device use: Your environmental blind spot

Technological devices are a crucial element of all industries. But these inventions consume far more energy than you might think, meaning that even simple daily practices add up to a big impact on the environment. Find out how to use your devices responsibly. 

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Time to Get to Grips with Sustainability

The climate is at a turning point: It is changing and fast. As a result, investors, employees, customers and suppliers will all want to know how sustainable and resilient your business is (or will be in the near future).

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Climate Risk and Opportunities Integration

Your business is probably considering its impact on the climate, and possibly reacting to regulatory or customer demand. But maybe you haven’t considered how climate change impacts your business. We discuss how businesses can understand the financial effects of climate change, to mitigate the risks, capitalise on the opportunities, and discover how sustainable equals successful. In our four-step methodology we can help a business map out the impact of climate on its operations, assets and finance, and build the foundations for future-proofing. In our 3-part blog series, we'll go in further depth into understanding, assessing and integrating the climate risk & opportunities.

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Is the cloud the ultimate solution for green IT?

Cloud storage saves costs for your company and the planet. But these cost savings and sustainability promises are only fully realised for users who control and monitor their cloud footprint. With great computing power comes great responsibility…

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The Climate: Time to Escalate

It may not be obvious yet, but the climate crisis is probably impacting your business.

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Tech vs travel: What’s environmentally worse?

Both technology and travel enhance our lives and business, and are shining examples of how far humankind has advanced. But it’s time to examine their environmental fall-out; should we be curbing our tech use and cancelling our trips?

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Big data, big environmental impact?

The good news is that big data is showing the world how our actions are causing environmental harm. This opens up opportunities to make more sustainable choices, and even reverse the damage. The bad news? Handling that data requires a staggering amount of energy.

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Artificial intelligence: Worth the environmental cost?

AI seems like a no-brainer in many business contexts. But the carbon emissions produced to run it may be a very strong reason to question its use. Before jumping on the AI bandwagon, business leaders should scrutinise its application carefully.

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Global Turning Points Dutch Points of View

In our five-part blog series, Deloitte experts will go in-depth on decarbonisation, climate risk, implications from a crisis & communications perspective, and performance reporting and we'll end the series with the general message.

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The sustainable consumer

Consumer businesses are responsible for over 25% of global emissions. The transformation of the sector is integral to the successful decarbonization of the global economy. Let's rethink the way we travel from A to B, the way we source and consume our food, what we buy and start minimizing waste. Let's work together towards a sustainable future!

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2022 renewable energy industry outlook

The year ahead promises new growth paths for the renewable energy industry, potentially aided by supportive policies from an administration focused on combatting climate change. Yet, some challenges still linger. Explore how new technologies, business models, policies, and investments could help address these challenges and accelerate growth in our 2022 renewable energy industry outlook.

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Unique European Rooftop Solar Tool

Analyze the potential of any commercial roof in European countries according to your selection.

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De impact van emissievrije luchtvaart op de publieke sector

Vanaf 2040 is het mogelijk: koolstof- en emissievrije luchtvaart op intra-Europese routes, ofwel elektrisch vliegen. Echter, om tegen die tijd daadwerkelijk een klimaatvriendelijker luchtvaartsector te hebben, dienen alle betrokken partijen nu stappen te nemen. Ook voor de publieke sector is een belangrijke rol weggelegd, vooral op het gebied van regelgeving en stimulering van technologische innovatie.

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How to fix a broken global food system and make it net positive?

Deloitte’s global Future of Food summit 2022, brought food executives, experts and enthusiasts together to share their experiences and perspectives on how to create this better food system. What will you do differently tomorrow to realize a net-positive food system?

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Deloitte launches True Price Coffee Bar

What is the true price of our favourite hot drink? That is going to be the big question at Deloitte’s Amsterdam office The Edge, where the True Price Coffee Bar initiative will be launched on 14 February 2022.

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The conscious consumer – connecting with health and sustainability priorities

Deloitte commissioned a consumer survey about health and sustainability in grocery shopping in 15 European countries, across more than 17,000 consumers. This research aims to offer insights on consumer perspectives and the balancing act they face between health, sustainability and price when making food purchases.

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A brave new world for ESG

Sustainability initiatives are often driven by statutory requirements, but these can also obscure the strategic business advantages of thinking outside the regulatory box.

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Strategic Impact Assessment

Strategic Impact Assessment (SIA) is a proven methodology to select, prioritise and manage your ESG impacts. Developed from over a decade’s practical experience and insight, SIA offers a high-level view of your organisation’s effect on the environment, economy and wider society – and then prioritises actions to improve your position by maximising returns for your most important stakeholders. Read our three-part blog series on our tool and how we can help your business.

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Let's Connect for Impact

The good news is that big data is showing the world how our actions are causing environmental harm. This opens up opportunities to make more sustainable choices, and even reverse the damage. The bad news? Handling that data requires a staggering amount of energy.

Dieuwertje Ewalts

Director Consulting | Sustainable Strategy

Willem Christiaan van Manen

Partner Consulting | Future of Mobility Lead

Frits Klaver

Director Risk Advisory