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Deloitte約457,000名專業人士致力於”因我不同 惟有更好”的卓越典範

Deloitte為全球領先之審計、管理顧問、財務顧問,風險諮詢,稅務及其他相關服務的專業服務機構。憑藉175多年的努力和致力於豎立”因我不同,惟有更好”的卓越典範,我們的組織規模多樣並不斷增長 – Deloitte遍及全球逾150個國家的會員所,以世界級優質專業服務,為逾457,000人提供因應複雜商業挑戰中所需的卓越見解。Fortune Global 500大中,超過90%的企業由Deloitte遍及全球逾150個國家的會員所提供卓越的優質服務。

2021 Global Impact Report

A year of connection, action and impact

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Transparency, accountability and reporting

Our stakeholders’ trust is earned daily by every professional who represents Deloitte and supported by policies and reporting that promote transparency and accountability.

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Transparency, accountability and reporting

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

The Deloitte network is committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Working in innovative ways with government, non-profit organizations, and civil society, we are designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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Ethics and integrity

DTTL and its member firms commit to conduct business with high integrity, quality and levels of professional behavior. Our Shared Values and Global Principles of Business Conduct are the foundation of our culture, shaping who we are, what we believe and how we behave.

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Deloitte's leaders are available to provide analysis and opinion on the most relevant global business affairs. Deloitte also provides research that explores timely business issues and trends.

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Life at Deloitte

Every day, our employees work to make an impact that matters. Deloitte offers a dynamic culture of inclusion, collaboration, and high performance. As the undisputed leader in professional services, Deloitte professionals find unrivaled opportunities to succeed and realize their full potential. What impact will you make when you join Deloitte?

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