Leadership.Next: Debunking the superhero myth


Leadership Next

Debunking the superhero myth

Yesterday's leadership theories are not keeping pace with the velocity of today's disruptive marketplace. Organizations are seeking a new model for the age of agility.


Many companies have spent decades trying to identify and clone the mythical “perfect leader.” But it turns out there is no such thing. Businesses today face a virtually unprecedented variety of challenges, from harvesting profits in mature economies with flat or declining growth, to establishing toeholds in emerging countries, to creating the next wave of disruptive innovation, to working through the complexity of changing regulations – and everything in between. Each of these unique challenges requires a unique kind of leader. One size does not fit all.

Organizations have arrived at a turning point in the evolutionary arc of leadership, where yesterday’s theories struggle to keep pace with today’s disruptive marketplace. Although many companies continue to pursue a singular vision of the ideal leadership style, the humbling truth is that tomorrow’s leaders should be able to thrive across multiple complex environments including.  And different situations require different kinds of leadership.

Leadership.Next: Debunking the superhero myth