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5 surprisingly relevant podcast episodes right now

The rumours are true: The Green Room podcast is back with a bang. But before our little break, we already published 20+ episodes – that’s lots of great conversations. With everything that’s happened over the past months (a global pandemic, anyone?), you’d be surprised to see how relevant they are too.


Missed seeing new episodes of The Green Room pop up on your phone screen? Believe us, we’ve missed producing them for you.

After an unexpected break, we’ve been working hard at getting the pod up and running again. And we can’t wait for you to join us for season 3.5. The tricky questions. The great guests. The banter between the hosts. The conversations where you always learn something new.

For those of you who go through podcasts faster than we can produce them, fear not. We’ve put together a list of surprisingly relevant episodes from previous seasons. Short on time? Pick your favourite, they’re just over 30 minutes long. True fan? Just work your way down the list.

5 episodes of The Green Room worth (re)listening to:

Episode #18: Is technology really making our lives better?
Who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with Zoom after lockdown? There’s no doubt technology has positively impacted our lives. But there are downsides to this always-on world too. In this episode we discussed whether we should we completely switch off from technology – or if we could ever live without it…

Episode #4: Can one small change save the planet?
Our COVID-19 waste has already found its way to the bottom of the ocean. Eco-friendly options were becoming more and more mainstream, but what happens when the world comes to a standstill? This episode saw our hosts and guests wonder whether one small change could make a difference.

Episode #14: Why do we think about physical and mental health differently?
We all have mental health, in the same way we all have physical health. And our collective mental health sure took a hit during lockdown. Back then we asked why we only talked about it when something goes wrong – have things changed now? A fascinating conversation.

Episode #8: Does the high street have a future?
We already talked about the high street as we know it being under threat during season 1. We asked ourselves whether technology would shape our future high streets in ways we can’t imagine, and whether the way we shop is changing for good. It’s fair to say things have accelerated since this episode…

Episode #12: Should we be teaching kids to code?
The current environment has parents worrying about the future of their little ones even more than before. How do we ensure the next generation is properly equipped to enter the workforce, and make sure they’re not left behind? Worth revisiting this episode in light of the global recession.

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