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Holiday reading: Thinking Fast in 2022

Looking back to look forward, we highlight some of the important topics you may have missed this year.

Michael Steinhart

Michael Steinhart

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As we enter the holiday season, we decided to round up a collection of important and insightful articles that appeared over the course of 2022. We hope you’ll take time to explore or revisit your favorite topics and reflect on the issues these pieces bring to the fore.

Hindsight 20:22—Outlooks that proved prescient

We began the year with a roundup of our annual Outlooks for the media and entertainment, sports, telecom, technology, and semiconductor sectors. It’s worth looking back and noting how many of these insights played out as predicted. The trend toward localizing semiconductor manufacturing, for instance, is being spurred in the United States by recently passed legislation,1 and businesses large and small are still struggling to find the right balance of in-office, remote, and hybrid work (see below). Keep an eye out for 2023’s Outlooks, coming in a few weeks!

What disrupts the disruptors—Management opens up

Our research team checks in regularly with a group of tech executives who share their firsthand experiences and industry insights. This year, we asked what developments they feel will be the most disruptive to business as usual, and how their companies approach data management. The top three challenges they identified are:

  • Collecting and protecting ever-growing volumes of data
  • Adapting to new regulatory requirements
  • Shouldering the cost and complexity of data privacy

“The cost of everything is rising but our budgets aren't rising with it,” is how one executive put it. We’re watching the ramifications of these imbalances play out daily.

Women at work—A year of gains and challenges

Gender equity continues to be a goal, with indicators of progress and challenges cropping up throughout the year. Our research found that women are making double-digit gains in tech leadership roles, but they’re also reporting more difficulties with hybrid work—like increased stress and lack of visibility—than their counterparts who are fully remote or fully in-person. It will be interesting to see how equity efforts fare as the industry faces economic headwinds in the near term.2

Sports streaming—The need for improved fan experiences

Depending on their cable, broadcast, and broadband options, many fans are watching their favorite sports on streaming services during the holidays—if they can figure out which one is carrying which game. Our research into the state of sports streaming shows that many fans have missed games they wanted to watch because of confusion around streaming services, and nearly half feel that they have to subscribe to too many services if they want to enjoy all the sports and teams they like. Here’s hoping that 2023 can bring fans a more omnichannel experience that includes broadcasting, social media, and even betting and gaming.

The next generation—Catching some Zs

Generation Z—those between the ages of 10 and 25—are a coveted demographic for TMT businesses and could appear on your holiday list and at festive gatherings. A significant number of Gen Z respondents (aged 14 and up) shared their sentiments in our Digital Media Trends survey.3 Conduct an informal poll of the youngsters in your life: Ask about their media usage and attitudes, armed with the data we provide in these insightful pieces.

  • Gaming and self-expression: Many Gen Z teens and adults count gaming as their top entertainment choice, finding community and social interaction in these virtual worlds. For example, Gen Z teen boys spend an average of 12 hours gaming each week, and nearly 80% say connecting with others is an important part of the experience.
  • Discovering music: Gaming environments serve as a popular avenue for younger players to hear songs for the first time, then go on to find them on streaming or download services. The opportunities for collaboration among entertainment companies and for innovation in shoppable media may be huge.
  • Keeping up with current events: Despite stereotypes about kids who don’t know much about history, politics, or geography, our research shows that nearly 80% of Gen Z teens get news updates daily, primarily on their phones and often from social or digital feeds. They’re concerned about societal issues like climate change, unemployment, and health care, all of which are topics we’ll continue to explore in 2023 and beyond.

Thanks for being part of the Thinking Fast readership this year. Enjoy the holidays, and happy new year!

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Thanks to Brooke Auxier, Jeff Loucks, Chris Arkenberg, David Jarvis, Naima Hoque-Essing, Susanne Hupfer, Duncan Stewart, Gautham Dutt, Rithu Thomas, Shubham Oza, Karthik Ramachandran, Blythe Hurley, and Jaime Austin for their integral work on the Thinking Fast series throughout 2022.

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