The future of movement of goods is coming more quickly than we once envisioned. The transportation ecosystem can effectively prepare by embracing the pillars of connected community, holistic decision-making, and intelligent automation.

Transportation, Hospitality & Services

Transportation, hospitality, and services (THS) companies are often navigating an increasingly
competitive environment—filled with entrenched global brands with massive consumer reach and
rising smaller innovators looking to change the status quo. Technology can bring massive potential
for all, but loyalty isn’t guaranteed with every innovation. As travel and hospitality companies grow,
so can the challenges around effective talent management and employee engagement—typically the driving force behind an employee culture of innovation and service excellence in what very much
remains a people-to-people industry.

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Michael Daher

Michael Daher

Vice Chair & US Non-Attest Leader
Joe  Chmielewski

Joe  Chmielewski

Managing Director